White House insists contraception talks are on track

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(RNS) The Obama administration is pushing back against charges by the nation's top Catholic bishop that talks to create a broader religious exemption from a controversial birth control coverage mandate are "going nowhere," and that White House officials are dismissing the central role of the bishops. By David Gibson.

  • fathercarldiederichs@gmail.com

    I hope that the bishops will cooperate since so much good has come from the Obama administration. It would be a shame for this one issue to cloud the whole relationship, especially since the majority of Catholics have used birth control and have, in a certain way, presented the “sense of the faithful” on this issue to the world.

  • JW1951

    I hope they clean up their own backyard first…..Serious and critical law breaking Priests that shelter and hide the perverts in their ranks!

  • ctdkite

    The story seems a little slanted. Some may claim that the staff handling the negotiations are “culture warriors” that often “take a harder line than the bishops themselves,” but the claim carries no weight since the staff represents the bishops. And where are the bishops who allegedly would take a softer line?

    Secondly, who really is more believable about who took what off the table, a cardinal or a politician? Conveniently, the unnamed official refuses to be public and cannot be questioned. He or she should be asked: Is the administration willing to reconsider the definition of religious employer? If you don’t get a straight answer, then we can assume that the administration, not the bishops, are refusing to fully negotiate.

  • khildebrand

    Odd, from communications from the Bishops and Archbishops it is clear. Either they are not tell the truth, which I do not believe, or the administration is not. For those of us that cherish religious freedom taking the administration to court will likely become necessary. The media is incredible. Not one word about female or male healthcare that could save lives being mandated. Just contraception. Why not mandate coverage for expensive heart drugs first? Thousands of women cannot afford them. Just making the point, this is a one-sided attack on the Church and the Bishops recognize it for what it really is, another witness like the one used in Roe vs Wade year ago. In this case, a 30-year old shill for the Obama administration.

  • AJ Bennett

    1. Why, when the White House “source” is quoting White House talking points, the need for anonymity?
    2. Why no mention, ever, of the promises Obama has made, to Catholics and to the bishops, and then broken without compunction?
    3. Doesn’t this “Catholic” reporter have any questions regarding the fact that Obama has ‘advised’ the bishops to take a lesson on doctrines and their teaching from the numerous “Catholics in name only” he has strategically placed in positions of power and authority as a means to his end?
    4. Is Obama really so stupid as to believe that he can actually undermine the authority of the bishops, and appeal to the heretics who work for him, and think that ‘actual’ faithful Catholics will stand by and watch?

  • Buzzy

    fathercarldiederichs, I am trying to think of what good has come out of the Obama admisnistration and so far I can not think of anything. What I can think of though is that fact that this administration under this president has waged a war against the the unborn babies of the world. That and that alone is what this presidnet and this administration should be remembered for. Also, please keep in mind that this is an issue where we, as Catholics, will be told what we can and can not believe in by a secular instituation