Military atheists get ready to ‘rock beyond belief’

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RNS photo by Ted Richardson.

RNS photo by Ted Richardson.

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(RNS) After more than a year of planning, atheists in the military will stage a public event celebrating their lack of religious beliefs at North Carolina's Fort Bragg -- a recognition, they hope, of nonbelievers who are outnumbered in what they call an overly Christianized military. By Kimberly Winston.

  • JW1951

    Any of the Lords sheep would not be in the military . I can’t figure out how the so called Christian leaders support troops and war. In fact so much innocent blood flows that it could make the rivers over flow. Take 5 minutes of your time and read the Holy Writings of God. Jesus is coming as a Mighty executioner at Daniel 2:44 and then again at Revelation 18 chapter you can get the sense of who He is going to strike. The only War that needs to be fought is at Armageddon for Christians. Those that take up the swords….shall die by the sword. It is very plain. Simply read your Bible and leave killing and Judgement to God! Atheist or Agnostic or so Called Christians will be held accountable for bloodshed. Religion has become a snare and a rackett for sheeplike men and women of all walks of life. Again I say please read you Bibles before you condemn Atheist.. they are just like false Christians that are serving the country but not the Lord. God does not need anyone to fight His wars for Him. The Mighty Jehovah will make those Atom bombs look like wet firecracker soon!