Santorum shows the Religious Right isn’t dead yet

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RNS photo courtesy Gage Skidmore.

RNS photo courtesy Gage Skidmore.

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(RNS) Does Rick Santorum's surge also mark the resurrection of the Religious Right? After Santorum's big primary wins in Alabama and Mississippi, the born-again bigwigs who endorsed him last year may be having the last laugh. By David Gibson.

  • gilhow

    There is nothing more ludicrous than a Catholic attempting to imitate evangelicals for political advantage. Both are cruel and contradictions of whatever there is good about religion. Just listen to Santorum. He sounds like he never pursued any religious studies beyond grammar school brain-washing with the Baltimore Catechism.

  • JW1951

    Jesus said” My Kingdom is no part of this world” He ran” from” not ” to “those that wanted to make Him a King. Which one then would He make a King in this Government? Does Jesus takes sides now in Politics? Where are these people coming from?
    If these puppets would realize they represent not Christianity but the ruler of the current world ” Satan” they too would run from Politics… The other option is to stay in Politics and be destroyed at the Great Day of God the Almighty See the Holy Scriptures at Daniel 2:44 the appointed King is going to destroy all these Governments and begin the 1000 year reign of Christ Jesus. Not by vote…not by human hands or money…nor by popularity. Stay clear of Politics…False religion…and Commercial Greed these are in the TARGET ZONE of God’s Anger! Could it be they know the ruler of this world? Since are to be many false teachers and many saying Lord Lord did we not Prophesy in your name and do many wonderful works in your name…the King will say Get away from me you hippocits! They will go off into Destruction…!! Not just one! Why mention Christianity without every mentioning the true teaching of Jesus.
    Any serious Christian can see through the teachings of men! Remember the Model pray…the our Father ” Our Father who art in Heaven….hallowed be thy name…thy Kingdom come thy will be done on earth as in Heaven.. Where is God’ s Kingdom going to be ? On earth as in Heaven. A Theocracy…not Democracy…God rule not mans!