Richard Land says Obama using Trayvon Martin case for politics

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Religion News Service file photo courtesy Southern Baptist Convention.

Religion News Service file photo courtesy Southern Baptist Convention.

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(RNS) The Southern Baptist Convention's top public policy official called activists Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton "racial ambulance chasers" who are fomenting a "mob mentality" over the shooting death of Florida teen Trayvon Martin. By David Gibson.

  • gilhow

    Shame on Richard Lamb. He is clearly, sharply displaying his Southern racial prejudice, and he is also showing that he has not learned a thing by attending to the life of Jesus all these years. And this is a church leader, a so-called Christian church leader! What is the purpose of his religion? Yes, those personal observations and questions come to the foreground because of Land’s behavior.

  • Archer

    Richard Land is wannabe kingmaker better suited for a last man standing wrestling match than an ethics commission. Never missing an opportunity to bash his opponents, he has equated Obama’s healthcare program to Nazism; likened Dr. Ezekiel Emmanuel to German SS officer Josef Mengele; dubbed Senator Chuck Schumer a “schmuck,” President Carter a “phony,” President Clinton “a judgment of God upon the United States,” President Obama a “playboy,” and Reverend Al Sharpton a “racial ambulance chaser.” Land should immediately retire from the ring.

  • gilhow

    As with our elected officials at all levels of government, the fault about people like Lamb rests even more with those who support him, those who hire him. Our electorate and Southern Baptist lay people hire and rehire and rehire all kinds of misfits. What is saddest is that the “leaders” only represent the masses, the so-called followers, the lazy and illiterate masses or pay no attention to the fact that their leaders, as well as they themselves, are hypocrites about what they claim to believe.

  • Tzone6

    I held my breath when that question was asked by the press to the president (set up question) I was hoping that he would say no comment, but you he would have been prsecuted rather he said anything or not. So I think that he said what was appropiate at that time and I did not think that it was at all poilitical or devisive but he did acknowledge that America does have an issue with race,still.

    America is still predudiced in some parts, yet some people act surprised whenever racial issues are brought to the forefront. We will never get along just as long as you have people like Richard Land fanning unecessary retoric that this country already does not need. I even think if we were all green, that it would still be a problem.