• gilhow

    And as those twelve parishes are opened, the tenure of Richard Lennon as bishop of Cleveland should be ended. He came to Cleveland from auxiliary to Cardinal Law in Boston with the same autocratic arrogance that both Law and he demonstrated in Boston. Of course, that’s no different than the arrogance that John Paul II and Benedict have demonstrated at popes. After all the sins and crimes Law committed regarding clerical sex abuse in Boston, John Paul had the nerve to protect and reward him by transferring him to manage St. Mary Major in Rome, keeping him safe from the reach of U.S. justice. And Lennon disregarded the people of parishes in the Boston diocese the same way he did in Cleveland when he was acting in Law’s stead and absence. Popes and bishops think they literally own everything, including the people, of the Catholic Church. There must be a revolt against that Middle Ages ignorance by the real People of God.