Mitt Romney holds huge lead among white Catholics and evangelicals

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RNS photos by (left) Roger Barone (TRNS)/Flickr, (right) Flickr

RNS photos by (left) Roger Barone (TRNS)/Flickr, (right) Flickr

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(RNS) While President Obama holds a slim lead overall against Mitt Romney, the presumptive GOP nominee has a 53-point lead over Obama among white evangelicals and a 20-point lead among white Catholics, according to a new poll. By Daniel Burke.

  • Jacqueleen

    May I correct your inference that refers to “White” Catholics? Rather, the truth is the cafeteria or so-called Catholic because a true, faithful Catholic would not vote for Romney or Obama for the reason that we have been lied to way too many times already by the Progressives. Romney is a Progressive hiding as a Republican under the pretense recently to be pro-life (for votes) when indeed he is pro-choice and always has been. Next, Romney orchestrated Romneycare (healthcare) in MA which was the basis for the so-called affordable Obamacare that will not only bankrupt the country but it will be totally unaffordable for most Americans who other than the Muslims (waiver) will be forced to pay for under threat of a penalty. Obamacare funds abortion, free contraceptives, euthanasia (the pill) rations healthcare to the elderly
    who will be forced to pay into the system, but will not receive healthcare when needed And will be at the mercy of a death panel, the mentally ill (lack of compassion) and the disabled including veterans (this is the thanks they get for serving this country in wartime). I ask you, “Does this represent Catholic or Christian principles of the culture of “Life” rather than the culture of “Death?” In good, Christian conscience, I cannot vote for either candidate. Ron Paul 2012, a pro-lifer, a good Christian, a Constitutionalist who voted consistently for over 30 years in upholding the law of the land, a peace striving candidate who will not be aggressive sending our sons and daughters to their death, an expert on the economy and most importantly, he is not on the puppeteer’s payroll like the others. God bless America and may God bless this next election. Vote God’s way and you will never be sorry….God’s principles first and be sure that the attributes are not lies.

  • Daniel Burke

    Jacqueleen, thanks for your comment.

    I’m not making an inference there with “white Catholics.” That’s a specific category designated by the Pew Research Center, I suppose to distinguish white Catholics from Latino, Asian, African-American and other Catholics. They do the same for evangelicals.

    Hope that clears it up.

  • EW88

    Interesting! I am a Mormon. All of the anti-Mormon sentiment in the liberal press doesn’t seem to be scaring people away from voting for Romney as they intend. That’s a relief to me. Really, in this day and age of information, there is no reason that we shouldn’t all come to understand and respect each other for the good we embrace and commonalities we share, rather than focus on a few differences. and are great resources for fact-checking articles or for your own enlightenment. Thanks for listening.

  • coltakashi

    Jaqueleen–You seem to be highly invested in a false picture of Romney. It is one which appears to originate with people with a high leveel of animosity toeard Mormons. The problem with that narrative is that it ascribes to Romney positions that are antithetical to Mormon values. For example, Romney is even now being attacked by Democrats because when he was tge unpaid parttime pastor for his congregation in Boston 20 years ago, he followed Mormon teachings in strongly counseling a Mormon woman against having an abortion. His personal convictions start there, and he offended many people in his state when he vetoed funding for research using fetal stem cells.