Methodists uphold policy that calls homosexuality ‘incompatible with Christian teaching’

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RNS photo by Mike DuBose/United Methodist News Service

RNS photo by Mike DuBose/United Methodist News Service

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(RNS) United Methodists voted to maintain the denomination's stance that same-sex partnerships are "incompatible" with Christian teaching, despite fierce lobbying from pro-gay groups. By Daniel Burke.

  • fwolfe49

    Can not tell you how surprised I am. I was raised a Methodist. Kudos to them!

  • Gallifrey1966

    I’m so relieved that Christian judgment will continue to hold sway and make sure the command to love one another doesn’t get taken too far. Jesus never seemed to stop talking about homosexuality, so this attitude is very understandable. After all, we uphold all of even the most obscure biblical laws, like those permitting and regulating slavery. I’d rather err on the side of hatred, myself. (Yay, sarcasm!)

  • AlisaSecrest

    “Church leaders and protesters later worked out a compromise…”

    What kind of compromise?

  • Josh.Undershepherd

    @Gallifrey1966: I definitely appreciate your desire to keep love at the forefront of the Christian life. This is as it should be. To throw the word “hatred” around, though, is unhelpful. If these people are against the approval of homosexuality are in it because of hate this will be revealed through their actions. However, many Christians are convinced because of the witness of the entire Bible that homosexual practice is inherently against the way God designed human beings. To accuse people of hatred for holding this position is not an argument in favor of acceptance of homosexuals. It is just a personal attack designed to stop the conversation.

    Also, saying that Jesus never spoke on a given topic does not mean we can ignore what the rest of the Bible says. There are a number of things Jesus doesn’t condemn that we would, simply because they weren’t an issue at the time.

  • gilhow

    Then Methodism is not only unchristian, it is dying just like the Catholic Church. It’s leaders and other members need to learn some science, psychology, and sociology. They are unbalanced when they presume the end of knowledge is between the covers of the Bible.

  • gilhow

    If “Gallifrey1966” can set limits on love, then limits should also be set on everything else in the Bible, especially because it was composed by ignorant humans ages before the advent of the physical and social sciences.

  • gilhow

    If homosexuality is evil in any way different than heterosexuality, then the God of all creation is evil–and that certainly wipes out any argument for any god.

  • Michael Snow

    Merthodists [I was one for over a quarter century and John Wesley’s works are part of my regular reading] need to recover the Scriptural basics. It is a perverted ‘love’ become a heresy that confuses so many.