• carlenebyron

    The question isn’t whether people “can be good without [believing in] God.” Until recently, Christians have always known that God’s grace is big enough for this to be possible.

    What is perhaps the question is whether social scientists have tools big enough to measure compassion. Is compassion only a warm immediate emotional response to need? If so, maybe the social scientists would say Mother Teresa was not behaving out of compassion when she kept loving people in need through all those years of spiritual depression. Funny … it sure looked like compassion … But I guess when you have a PhD you can see right through these things.

  • JesuisSean

    In turn, some religious folk had been deceived as to the purpose of religion, and thus in turn they did not elevate themselves above and beyond the norm, but instead had lowered themselves to a less than the norm, in combination with performing a mere sense not of duty, but performing a mere enactment.

    If only they too could see http://www.outersecrets.com/real/biblecode2a.htm

  • gilhow

    It is such a false and stale argument that practicing good morals or ethics depends on religious belief. Only a look at the behavior of people is needed to prove how absolutely false the claim is.