GUEST COMMENTARY: Presbyterians on the precipice (again)

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RNS photo courtesy Rabbi Noam E. Marans

RNS photo courtesy Rabbi Noam E. Marans

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NEW YORK (RNS) Regardless of whether the Presbyterian Church (USA) decides to reopen the fight over divesting from Israel, the fact that so much time and energy are expended threatens interfaith comity, and not only between Jews and Presbyterians. By Noam E. Marans.

  • cynthia.dandrea

    Please. Israel is the only place left in the middle east where they are not killing christians by the thousands. What good news is this? Maybe we should focus a little more on China and its imprisonment of christians. Is there a publication about the killing of missionaries around the world the UCC would highlight?

  • Donard Pranzo

    1- So who are the Presbyterians? Are they worth worrying about? Unless, all the financial power brokers in the U.S. are Presbyterians, although I doubt it.
    2- As for sheer political power, the Evangelical Christians are firmly on Israel’s side as well as the overwhelming majority of Roman Catholics. The Episcopalians/Anglicans are in the midst of a major schism, while the Lutherans have a minor one. All seems to be quiet on the Methodist front.
    3- As for their silence with respect to Chinese persecution of Christians, it’s the usual “Silence of the Lambs” when dealing with powerful totalitarian states. They know that
    their outrage will NOT change American foreign policy.
    4- Selective outrage ( against a country such as Israel) might bear some fruit since
    it might impact on American foreign policy which, in turn, could impact on Israel.
    Bullies always pick on perceived weaklings.
    5- I guess there must be some rejection of the “bully” faction of Presbyterianism, lest it gain legitimacy. Rabbi Marans has shone the light that such people fear.