Irish eyes aren’t smiling over New York Cardinal Timothy Dolan’s seminary probe

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RNS photo by Michael Alexander/Catholic News Service

RNS photo by Michael Alexander/Catholic News Service

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NEW YORK (RNS) Cardinal Timothy Dolan loves to play up his Irish roots, but he may want to steer clear of the old sod for a while given the Irish bishops’ sharp rejection of Dolan’s scathing verdict on the orthodoxy of Ireland’s leading seminary. By David Gibson

  • gilhow

    Does no one realize that everyone and everything Catholic, in the eyes of Benedict and his Vatican, is totally controlled by Benedict and his Vatican? The sex scandal in the U.S. and Ireland clearly showed that all the bishops are bound only by canon law and have no regard for any civil law. They really believe they are responsible only to church law and every edict that comes out of the Vatican. That obeisance to canon law and total disregard for any other law is the very reason the sex scandal developed and grew, hidden for so long.

    It is under canon law that Timothy Dolan of New York and William Lori of Baltimore, his liberty Paul Revere, are convinced their church has special rights when they make all their noise about religious liberty, as if anyone is threatening their rights. It is they and the other bishops, including the bishops of Rome, who have been violating religious liberty and other rights of people by ignoring the “freedom of conscience” declared by Vatican II and by their continuing cover-up of the sex scandal.

    Even the rights of theologians to think and write honestly and openly are violated by those church officials firing them or threatening to excommunicate them. We don’t only need two churches, we need to close down the Vatican, end the papacy, and function only under national churches with lay people choosing their own ministers and diocesan clergy and lay people choosing their own bishops. Anyone who prates on about “holy mother church” is ignorant of its history and denies its current sins and crimes.

  • jo

    here here

  • Jim

    Bravo, Cardinal Dolan! Thank you for having courage — something sorely lacking in many Catholic clergymen.

  • Mt. St. Michael

    A few passages come to mind about why and how Jesus established a pope in Peter:

    MT 9: 32-38 -> sheep without a shepherd, people who needed to be lead and so later on Jesus asks a question in the next verse (down below) in which a shepherd is chosen
    MT 16 : 13-19 -> See here how even before any “church” was made a thousand different answers were being given to who Jesus was which were INCORRECT but PETER answers this question by the power of the Holy Spirit correctly and Jesus gives to Peter the keys to the kingdom of heaven, and tell him later to “feed my sheep”.
    And if you’re wondering if popes in the past have had errors the answer is: OF COURSE! They are human like me and you! But even the most blasphemous popes have had truths spoken. Take Peter who is the rock of the church whom JESUS CHOSE, he is faced with the dilemma of throwing his lot in with Jesus during the trials and he DENIES Christ three times! Yet Jesus still comes after the resurrection and wants Peter as the shepherd here on earth the Pope! I highly recommend diving into some of those Lighthouse media CDs which are available at most Catholic Church’s and have amazing insights into the beauty and truth of our faith. I don’t know about Cardinal Dolan there is a little humanity coming out in all of this but no matter what the Catholic Church will rise from the ashes of all of these just like She always has. BTW I am sorry I have shown up to this story so late but I went down a rabbit hole of articles recently and saw this!
    Praise be to God!

  • anonymous

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