Should gay Mormons marry women? Some say it’s an option

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RNS photo courtesy Josh Weed

RNS photo courtesy Josh Weed

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SALT LAKE CITY (RNS) Gay Mormon men who are married to women don't claim that their path is the right one for all Mormon gays, and the LDS Church has stopped officially recommending it as a "cure" for homosexuality. Still, as support group numbers indicate, many devoutly religious members still see it as the way to go. By Peggy Fletcher Stack.

  • Timothy

    mixed-orientation marriages? really? shock therapy hadn’t worked, pray the gay hasn’t worked, now find a band of Mormon women who are being told that their new role in Mormonism is to save a man from damnation by getting married to a gay man, have children by him, and if you have wild sex with him enough, he won’t stray to being gay.

    Dedicated Mormon women – saving a gay man, one marriage at a time.

    And you Mormon wonder why no one is taking Romney seriously?

  • Bubah

    @Timothy –

    I’m a gay Christian, so I fully identify with the people in this article.

    Some of the women in this article didn’t even know their husbands were gay, and the others have husbands that CHOSE – by their own will – to marry them. These women aren’t marrying these men to “save” them, they’re marrying these gay men because these gay men love them, and they love them too. Love is more than sex, and sex is more than lust. I am not turned on by the female body, but I have been turned on by a woman’s love. I am turned on by the male body, and perhaps I may even be turned on by a man’s love, but I’ve become much happier with my life – thanks to my faith’s questioning – realizing that one day, even a male partner would become physically unattractive to me in age, and if I have made my relationships based in physical attraction, then I would be miserable still.

    Gay men are capable of taking their lives into their own hands. We’re humans, complicated just like everyone else in our individualism. Some of us choose to limit our love to what we find lustful, and some of us choose to separate lust from love and make sexual attraction based not in bodily attraction, but emotional attraction. It’s our life, our sex, our love, our decisions, and people need to respect that. You need to get over the fact that gays are not people you can just tie in a pretty bow and be done with. We’re not statistics, we’re humans, and I think both the religious and LGBT community/straight supporters can be reminded of that.