Not just chess: Atheists are organizing high school clubs, too

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RNS photo by Sitansh Rajput / courtesy Robert-Cole Evans

RNS photo by Sitansh Rajput / courtesy Robert-Cole Evans

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(RNS) High school kids can join the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, the Jewish Student Union, the Muslim Students Association and, in some schools, a Hindu or a Buddhist club. Now they can join the young atheists club, too. By Kimberly Winston.

  • gilhow

    That is good. Any and every intellectual search into religion is valid and, hopefully, informing. Our study of religion should encompass its total history, from ancient mythological times to modern rejectionist times. As old Mr. Socrates said, “An unexamined life is not worth living,” and that means everything about life. What is more about life–and death–than religion? What does religion have to be afraid of by meeting and thinking with non-religionists? Just different stages of the same inquiry process, from belief–too often given or brain-washed in early childhood–to non-belief.

  • Ralph

    Well, we are officially accepting parasites that are enjoying the freedoms created by Christendom, and have no moral basis to advance the common good in society. While there is good in them due to their being human, the atheistic philosophy is dehumanizing. This nonsense has been tried before since the time of the ancients. Please check the Stoics and the Epicureans. Atheism is incompatible with the development of a well ordered and free society. This current of thought, while incredibly close minded while supposedly searching for truth, being closed by assumption, cannot posit any purpose to anything we do, leading to alienation from humankind and ultimately, society’s self destruction.
    That is why even in early humanistic writings, such as Utopia, atheists are excluded from civilization, as there is no common value to which they can be attached. So, while society can tolerate them as a minority, it will self destruct as it becomes a majority.

  • Alan

    Wow, Ralph is a deluded dick. It seems that we have officially allowed parasites like him to enjoy freedoms (like that of free speech) secured by men to free us from the backwardness of Christendom. His moral basis definitely retards the advance of common good in society.

  • ken

    Athiests, aren’t bad people they simply lack knowledge and undestanding. They are not unlike ninety plus percent of christians who lack knowledge and understanding of the spiritual concepts which Jesus taught. Frankly I don’t blame athiests for choosing athiesism as a religion; they are at least seeking. Most Christians on the other hand think they already know the answers. As a result, most christians don’t act like christians because they have stopped seeking. Regardless of the path you chose there will be an age of enlightment of spirituality and God’s Kingdom will arrive. You can call God and his Kingdom by any name you want using scientific or religious terminology, but eventually we will realize we are all connected to a cosmic consciousness. We have been connected before we were born and will continue to be when we die.

  • Dave

    These arguments presented by Ralph and Ken, while unfortunately typical for believers, completely misunderstand atheism, both as a concept and as a movement. Atheism is not a belief, it is the lack of a belief. We don’t have a word for people who don’t believe in fairies, so I’m not sure that we need the word “atheist” at all, but we non- believers should silently thank the theists for the type of arrogance on display here in this thread. The longer they continue to believe they have the moral and intellectual high ground, the longer we can continue to bring about the types of small changes that will make the difference over time, and the longer we can postpone the violence religion will bring us once it realizes the terminal decline it is in. So thank you Ralph, for your hatred and arrogance.

  • gilhow

    Why not? If believers can do, it is only equality that everyone else can do it. It would be better is all extra-curricular religious activities were kept “extra” the school and school day, but… The believers started all this, led by the religious right to infiltrate public activities with their religious activities–just like nativity scenes on public property, just like the Ten Commandments and other religious paraphernalia hung in public places. It would be better if it all were kept separated, according to the plan of the first clause of the First Amendment. But this is what happens when we begin to make slippery comprises to our instituting document. The Framers saw all this sort of thing happening through the history religion and that is precisely why the First Amendment was added to the original document. Democracy is losing out to the illiterate religious craze of the masses.

  • Ralph

    “Heeeere’s Johnny!”
    It’s farily entertaining to see all these defenders of vacuousness roil when their deficiencies are exposed. They can only fall back to what they can, ad-hominem attacks.
    Dave, of course that atheism is a lack of belief! There is no argument about that. It is that lack of belief, or vacuousness that does not allow for moral judgment. It does not mean that a atheist (as a person) cannot have a moral judgment; every human being, as human, does. However, their moral judgment is not informed at all by their atheism.
    Take, for example, liberty. Liberty as a human right -including the freedom of speech that Alan mentioned in a mediocre attempt at plagiarizing my post wrote- comes from a metaphysical concept that came from belief. “All men are created equal”? For sure, that is not true in a physical sense: some are more intelligent, some are stronger, etc. The level of equality is on those things that cannot be subject to the scientific method: the soul.
    All those principles that allow for liberty, an ordered society, and good, come from beliefs. These beliefs, in particular, are linked to the ultimate end for which life exists. Thus, if there is no ultimate end for life, if we are just flashes of consciousness projected by our nervous systems, there is absolutely no reason to strive for anything, as anihillation awaits. Why care about the future, or future generations, why have children? In that sense, atheism is parasitical to the theist well ordered society.
    Now, given the ad-hominem attacks, let me add some of my own. What is it to you what other people belief? Theists, at least, have a charitable reason behind their preaching, saving your soul. You have no good behind yours, except the satisfaction of turning other people to your opinion; i.e. narcissism. Atheists like that are the most despicable type of being, for they not only have the disease of the soul that does not allow them to belief, but they have the arrogance and hubris to try to impose their dismal view upon others even though it brings them no benefit.