• gilhow

    Yes, those of us who genuinely practice the precepts of Jesus and are not only “religious” as part of a grandiose organization can expect people like Timothy Dolan, bishop of New York, and William Lori, bishop of Baltimore, will stop concocting all kinds of hypocritical claims against society caring for all its members by throwing pseudo religious liberty claims into the muck they stir. Such men as Dolan and Lori presume they have a monopoly on so-called charity.

    They take their orders, of course, from their headquarters, the Vatican. It’s like to old slogan in the U.S. Congress, “Go along to get along,” but in a different “Old Boys Club.”

    The leaders of the Catholic Church are in the midst of playing all kinds of strategies to distract public eyes, even the eyes of their own lay members, from the outrageous crimes of sexual abuse by their clergy against the children of those lay people who fill their pews. Those lay people continue to warm the pews and drop their money in the baskets. It is that money that supports the clergy and all church expenses, including the horrendous fines earned for those clerical crimes of sexual abuse. By the church’s own definition, those crimes are also considered mortal sins. You would not think so from the casual reaction of the hierarchy.

    The Catholic Church eagerly uses federal funds and/or merging with non-Catholic hospitals to keep these “charitable” ministries afloat. They still call many of them “Catholic.” They could not continue without public funding. The Catholic hierarchy then assert they have the right to force everyone in those facilities, employees and patients, to follow Catholic-defined “morals” about matters like contraception and abortion.

    Numerous “Catholic” schools would have to close were it not for public funding in the form of vouchers that support the religion and all other education in those schools. The Catholic Church dares to presume all the public must support these ministries.

    When public funding pays for those services, when those services could not exist without public funding, they cease to be “Catholic” services.

    When the bishops dare to continue presuming they can defy our Constitution by taking support from our federal and state treasuries for their religious activities, no matter that they call them “their charities,” awful things are wrong with both the churches and our government. Nothing churches do, except for the quack operations that call themselves churches, is not religious. It is unconstitutional to support religion with public funding.

  • chad

    gilhow you apparently do not follow the precepts of Jesus if you support a bill that will fund abortions. it is unconstitutional to force people to go against their conscience. you obviously have no idea what you are talking about. get your information straight before commenting because you sound as bright as our government officials. by the way which gospel are you reading?

  • B. F.

    @gilhow – Now you’re not Christian, right? Because of that I guess I can excuse you for a typical, uneducated, self-righteous slam against the Catholic Church. If you say you are a Christian, then I would have to call you a liar for calling yourself Christian.

  • Rockerbabe

    There is nothing religious about all of the opposition to the Obamcare. The act will get at least 32 of the 50 million people without insurance on private insurance plans. It will get the uncompensated care [for which most of us with insurance pay at least $1000 more in premiums/year to cover these cost] out from under the “free” care label. Nothing is free. This will allow citizens with chronic diseases to get regular ongoing care, instead of waiting until the situation gets so bad, that they have to go to the ER. This type of fear and anxiety is not religious or god-fearing.

    Obamacare will do away with lifetime limits on healthcare plans; I personally know of 6 folks who were receiving treatment for cancer, heart disease and broken bones, when their private medical insurance plan cut them off siting lifetime limits. It can happen to anyone at anytime.

    ObamaCare eliminates pre-existing clauses that prevent milions from getting any kind of medical insurance. I have two brothers and a friend who lost their medical insurance due to job cuts [in private industry] and unless they can find a job that offers medical insurance, they would be out of luck. Once the state insurance exchanges are up and running, they will be able to find an medical plan that meets their needs.

    I have four friends who have put their collage age kids back on their medical insurance plans and at very little cost as they already have family plans.

    As a healthcare professional, I want everyone to have medical insurance coverage, so that when they do show up at the ER or a doctor’s office, they can get the care they need and still be able to pay for the care. This is a matter of personal responsibility. Afterall, when one ownes a car and drives on the roads, you have to have insurance or you can be ticketed and will get your car towed. This is no different. Way too many people, expecially the younger crowd, often go out and drink themselves into oblivion, get hurt in an accident and they show up at the ER requiring all sort of medical intervention to save their lives. They expect first rate care and they usually get it. . .but when it comes time to pay, well, there is always bankruptcy!

    There is so much to really like about Obamacare, that all the opposition to it is phoney and short-sighted. The bishops just want to tell everyone what to do and they aren’t in a moral high ground position to do so. The cathlic church needs to stay out of our politics as they offer nothing but division and distrust.

    I support Obamacare and as time goes on, most folks will, just like they support Medicare. I no longer vote republican and for the forseeable future, that this the plan. Not a republican.

  • Tony Zsigray

    Rockerbabe, you obviously are being taken in by the few “carrots” that the administration is waving in front of people. In reality, there is no possible way that any federal bureaucrat can promise acceptable healthcare for every American who needs it. Please realize that there is a distinct difference between “having coverage” and “having care.”

    The Affordable Care Act is a scam upon the American people. It is financially “un-affordable” to sustain, PERIOD. There WILL be rationing at one point because our government will never have enough money to pay for everything that Obama has promised. (The unborn have already been attacked through HHS mandates, the elderly will be next, make no mistake!) We have been fed a pack of lies by this president, and there is NO logical reason to believe him. (Remember when he ASSURED us with a presidential order after the bill passed that NO monies of the American taxpayers would EVER go towards abortion? Well, HE LIED. Just ask the churches who are now being forced in round about ways to violate their morals by accepting the contraception/abortifacient mandate) History shows us that nothing that the federal government gets involved with is ever run right. (Social Security is collapsing, Medicare/Medicaid are running out of money, welfare is a mess, etc..). There are always a ton of mindless regulations and mandates that only serve to empower the politicians more, and make the people dependent upon the dubious leaders at the top! The real Democratic party in this country died in 1968 and has been run by radical socialists ever since! The Republican party thankfully is splintering, but is being taken over by a fresh breed of true Americans who are the only hope for this country! BO has had enough time to prove himself, and has done NOTHING to improve things. I’m tired of hearing the excuse that it’s GW’s fault. Things are still in financial ruin, although the Democrats keep assuring everyone that “things are getting better…” All one has to do is drive through residential/urban areas in any city to see that they are NOT! People who are still fortunate to have jobs are working for less money, or are on the verge of having their pay cut. I am in shock that the Supreme Court did not reject this atrocity of a healthcare bill. I suppose we will now find out what REALLY is in it, to everyone’s horror. I do not support Obamacare, and as time goes on, most folks will become more and more discouraged. I no longer vote Democrat, as the party has become morally offensive, and for the forseeable future. Not a Demoncrat!

  • A. Gabriel

    gilhow, you are an idiot and obviously do not have a clue as to what you are speaking of, so shut up.

  • A. Gabriel

    Obama and his ilk are going to be Armageddon for this nation if we do not get him and them out very soon. They are Judas and antichrists alike.

  • ken


    I’ve read many articles on the SCOTUS ruling on Obamacare in various publications, and they are well written. The far right is having the expected reaction, and the far left is acting as if this is a godsend. I can truly see where some will benefit, for example, a 23 year old college graduate can continue to stick their parents with increased health insurance premiums for three more years. My question is how much is this going to cost a working taxpayer? I am not an economist, but as best I can figure with the increase in state taxes on individuals to defray the new Medicaid expanded coverage, and the 30+% increase in individual federal Medicaid taxes, it will cost the middle class working taxpayer about $1000.00 per year. That doesn’t include the tax on medical equipment and some of the other more obscure taxes in the law. Additionally, all the taxes will substantially increase by 2018. Another concern, if you are 150% above the poverty level and go on an exchange, the government will subsidize your insurance premium, by how much, 10% or 90%? At 10% that person still can’t afford insurance, and if it’s 90% who is going to pay for it? A tax credit subsidy is of no benefit because that person won’t be paying taxes anyway. Is this still another tax for the middle class and the wealthy? If it’s a tax on the wealthy, will they curtail hiring people and lay off their maid or lawn care service? I am confused, if this has an adverse effect on everybody’s income and the economy as a whole, where is the net benefit to society? We will be broke and have higher unemployment, but we will all be healthy, is that the goal? Please note I did not mention the separate issue of what happens to you when you are over 75 years old, which is scary as hell under The “Affordable” Care Act. If someone could address these issues point by point with cold hard facts rather than specious inflammatory rhetoric, I would appreciate it; and I believe the American public would too. (And please, all you liberals, don’t tell me health insurance premiums will go down; that’s just not believable. Nothing any government does is more efficient or less expensive than when the competitive private sector handles it without government interference.)

    Finally on a theological note; where in the Bible does it say Jesus is against abortion, and when does the breath of life get breathed into a fetus? On a more compassionate level, in an ideal world everyone would like for everybody to be able to afford health care; but as Jesus said, “we will always have the poor among us”. And no government can solve that problem, certainly not Obamacare.

  • hstdem

    The statements about killing disabled & seniors and paying for abortions are lies- easily proven lies.

    Why does my Church feel the need to lie in order to gin up support for its causes? The causes obviously are poor if you need to lie to defend them.