Reaction mixed to Episcopal Church’s approval of same-sex rite

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RNS photo courtesy Matt Davies/Episcopal Life Online

RNS photo courtesy Matt Davies/Episcopal Life Online

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(RNS) Gay and lesbian Episcopalians are celebrating their church’s approval on Tuesday (July 10) of a liturgical rite for blessing same-sex couples. But conservatives are threatening to take “drastic” steps to distance themselves from the Episcopal Church. By Daniel Burke. 

  • Sh3LLz

    Just because you call yourself a christian, doesnt mean you are.

  • Sh3LLz

    “Many will say to me, Lord, Lord….. But I will say to them, Get AWAY from me you workers of lawlessness! I NEVER knew you!”

  • Della Green

    Please note that the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) does not have one overarching body that creates policies. There are some groups among Quakers that allow gay marriages. The majority do not.

  • frequentwind

    Note also that while Conservative Judaism has a same-sex marriage ceremony, it is not the same liturgy as for heterosexual couples. It is termed a marriage and not simply a blessing, as TEC did, but it is still different. The part of the traditional Jewish ceremony that hews closest to the general American concept of a wedding is called “kiddushin,” sanctification. This is the part where, traditionally, the groom places the ring on the bride’s finger and says, “By this you are sanctified to me according to the laws of Moses and the Jewish people.” This is an act of acquisition and inherently non-egalitarian: a man can acquire a woman to be his wife only, but not vice versa. Customary modifications to the ceremony, even in traditional circles, have been made throughout the years to make the ceremony more egal, but that line is essential. So CJ had to come up with a ceremony that, while a sanctified and holy wedding ceremony, was not “kiddushin.”

  • Sh3LLz


    The Jews have been disobedient to God since they left Egypt and intermingled with the Moabites and Canaanites. Nothing new to see here.

  • H. E. Baber

    OK, now that you’ve got the same-sex marriage thing through, and all the other gay agenda stuff–WHICH I SUPPORT–can you please take a break on the social justice crap and start doing RELIGION again? You can get ethics, social service and political action anywhere–only the church can do RELIGION.

    I repeat, I am not a social conservative. I fully support gay rights and, if I may say, think all consensual sex is morally ok. I just like religion, and I’m sick of having the church spend its time and resources on non-religious social justice stuff and so leaving less for RELIGION.

  • Raven

    H. E. Baber, could you remind me what the prophet Micah said here:

    “What does the Lord require of thee, O man, but to _____________, love mercy, and walk humbly with thy God?”