• rastislav

    I intend to publish the translation in slovak of the essay on 19 % of None on my website zosity-humanistov.sk

  • CMR

    The “waters” of Babylon the Great are drying up! The great city of Babylon was originally built so that it straddled the Euphrates, and the river’s waters were used to form a broad deep moat encircling the city and also to form a network of canals within the city walls. At the time of Babylon’s fall in 539 B.C.E., Cyrus diverted the waters of the Euphrates so that his troops could march through the riverbed into the unsuspecting city. Thus, the waters of the Euphrates were ‘dried up.’ (Isa 44:27, 28; 45:1) In symbol, the same thing is prophesied to result from the outpouring of the sixth angel’s “bowl” on “the great river Euphrates,” as described at Revelation 16:12. This describes the destruction of symbolic “Babylon the Great,” which is said to ‘sit on many waters,’ these representing “peoples and crowds and nations and tongues.”—Re 17:1, 5, 15-18.