Poll: Romney may see an evangelical ‘enthusiasm gap’

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RNS photos by (left) Roger Barone (TRNS)/Flickr, (right) Flickr

RNS photos by (left) Roger Barone (TRNS)/Flickr, (right) Flickr

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(RNS) Most Americans who know that Mitt Romney is Mormon say the presumptive GOP nominee’s faith doesn’t concern them. But a new poll indicates there may be an “enthusiasm gap” for Romney among white evangelicals. By Daniel Burke.

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    Pew does do good research, so I’ll head over and look at their findings directly rather than second hand. Just last month, Gallop (with good accuracy ratings) released a poll showing that while voter favorability for Mormon candidates hasn’t changed since Mitt’s father ran, the partisan breakdown of that favorability has changed. A full 90% of Republicans said they would vote for a Mormon. Only 74% of Democrats. Independents were somewhere in the middle. Given that evangelicals lean Republicans, I don’t know that Romney has much to fear. He certainly shouldn’t take the evangelical vote for granted, but don’t discount the anti-Obama enthusiasm that exists on the right.