• ModerateRealist

    Gosh, this is so pathetic it’s dizzying. Like trying to corral a jellyfish. It’s a shame Sister only has two sides of her mouth to speak out of.

  • Patrick X. Crotty

    The Sisters are the moral voice of the Catholic Church in the United States.

    They speak the truth and they speak the truth to power. Thank you Sisters.

    The Sisters have this position, not because they took it from others (e.g.bishops) but because they have remained faithful to the gospel of Jesus while the Bishops have morphed into a partisan voice of the right wing of the Republican party. In doing so the Bishops have lost all credibility. This, along with their horrendous behavior in the pedophile scandals, show them to be a group of weak, self-protecting men. Compare the Penn State response to a similar (albeit much smaller) crisis. If Penn State handled their crisis like the Catholic Church the administration of Penn State would be appointing all coaches throughout the country. Jerry Sandusky may even be moved overseas and have a major participation in the appointments. He would play the same role as Bernard Law plays in the Catholic Church. Dolan in New York and Malone in Buffalo are two of Law’s disciples.

    So the bishops attack the Sisters. What an injustice!

    Stay strong Sisters. Since you have chosen to dialogue with these bishops see if you can bring about a change of heart but don’t give it too much time. The world needs you to keep working on the needs of the poor and marginalized.

  • Kelly

    The good sisters are welcome to continue to work on the needs of the poor and the marginalized. If, however, they wish to do so as Roman Catholic religious who are supported by the Church, they must submit to the authority of the Magisterium. Period.

  • Geoffe

    The Pope referred to Judas in his Homily (late August 2012). Judas had lost his faith in Jesus because Jesus didn’t match what he expected a proper Messiah should have been. Unlike other disciples who had decided to leave because they couldn’t accept Jesus’ hard teachings, Judas was insincere and stayed with Jesus even as his heart and faith had already left.

    The LCWR, and those sisters choosing to be represented by them, have already had their minds, hearts, and consciences abandon the Church – led by the Pope and the Bishops in communion. For as long as they continue to identify themselves as Catholics in their state, they are not only being insincere with our Church but dishonest with themselves. They do nobody a favor except for the Devil himself.

    Closing thoughts from the Pope: “Insincerity is the mark of the Devil himself.”