Conservative law firm fights atheists’ suit over cross at 9/11 museum

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RNS photo courtesy Andrea Booher/ FEMA

RNS photo courtesy Andrea Booher/ FEMA

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(RNS) A lawsuit that was filed by the group American Atheists to keep a revered cross out of the National September 11 Museum is being challenged by Pat Robertson's American Center for Law and Justice. By Steve Strunsky.

  • Alexandra

    Why the ignorance of what an aisteht is?!!ATHEIST someone who does not believe in a God – any God – not just the Christian one. But that does not mean they do not hold strong moral or religious beliefs! They can follow any religion that does not have a god and there are a lot of those!!Like BUDDHISM – Religious teaching from Buddha and his followers that by destroying greed, hatred and delusion (the cause of all suffering) man can attain perfect enlightenment!!Where do you think christianity got it’s ideas of a soul and afterlife from for goodness sake?They stole it from the pagan tribes and peoples which existed hundreds and thousands of years before christianity!!From the stone age through vikings, Egyptians, Maoris, Aborigines, American Indians and especially the chinese, they all had elaborate funerals and grave goods to speed the soul into the next life with comfort!!One day christians will realize what damage their ignorance about non christians is doing to their religion!!But will it be too late?!!References :