Episcopal priest under scrutiny for nude photos

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RNS photo courtesy Wikimedia/Public Domain (http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Michelangelo,_giudizio_universale,_dettagli_26.jpg)

RNS photo courtesy Wikimedia/Public Domain (http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Michelangelo,_giudizio_universale,_dettagli_26.jpg)

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ST. LOUIS (RNS) It will be difficult for critics to compare Michelangelo's nudes with the ones photographed by the Rev. John Blair. Just after Episcopal leaders launched a sexual misconduct investigation of Blair, he lost his job as a hospital chaplain. By Tim Townsend.

  • Elaine

    I listened to all of it. My first raotcien was, OK this is an Episcopal Priest. The closest thing I have ever experienced to that scenario is attending a PCUSA bible study something over a decade ago. World class instructor, Brian Burton, PhD. Really first class content, biblical exposition with real in depth perpetration. It was attended by the over 50 set. Several PhDs in the audience. There was no problem with attendance dropping off, there were 15-20 people there for the duration. When Brian decided to do a Saddle Back Church makeover and have us sit in a coffee house setting and participate in small group discussions I attended for about three weeks of that and then dropped out. It was like 1970s Larry Richards redux. Been there, done that. What I couldn’t figure out was why a really fine scholar like Brian Burton would be caught up in anything so superficial as the Purpose Driven framework. Didn’t make sense. Anyway, Brian, the last I heard was teaching at the graduate level somewhere. I don’t think the the 20-30yo folks will attend these things. I have a private source from the street scene in Seattle, a friend of 10 years duration, who keeps me posted on what is going on. It really is a different world. He is an african American who grew up fatherless and motherless, living alternately with two grandmas. He will call and talk for hours on end. But one thing he cannot seem to do is schedule a regular activity, like going the church on any particular day ever week. I don’t blame him. The churches in Seattle are nothing to get excited about. He attended Mars Hill (Mark Driscoll) on and off just for laughs. He can’t stand the guy, but he thinks it is entertaining to listen to crazy people preach. No point in actually attending since it call all be done on the web. I is hard to figure out how much the Episcopal Priest’s congregation is suffering from mainline decline syndrome. That has been going on for a long time. If you cut the supernatural and metaphysical elements out of your gospel, who is going to bother and pay any attention. Anyway, that’s an old argument. Kind of a boring argument often found on sites like Pyromaniacs. Not a such a bad blog actually. This comment is longer than most of my blog posts. Frankly, Derek, I don’t think the mainline denominations have much to do with Messianic Judaism. But who am I to say?