How the vice-presidential debate emphasized âÂ?Â?single-issueâÂ?Â? Catholicism

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(RNS) Catholicism’s social justice teachings have often been called the church’s "best-kept secret,'' and after Thursday night’s vice-presidential debate between Joe Biden and Paul Ryan that may still be the case. A question about abortion was the only one linked directly to the candidates’ shared Catholic faith. By David Gibson.

  • Bob B

    Certainly there are other issues important to Catholics, but abortion is an intrinsically evil act, which has always and will always be seriously wrong, based on God’s nature and will as well as the very human nature of man. Any other social issues depend on the person being permitted to live. Also, as many have pointed out, what CAN really be done for anyone with Obama’s policies soon to cause America to go bankrupt, as he continues his spending if elected). And there are judgments to be made on these social issues, e.g. justice to all, removal of motivation (as in a socialist state), what is a real entitlement, etc.

    The other first concern of the Church is the Freedom of Religion, which Obama has clearly stated should be narrowed to the Freedom of Worship (privately), which will establish atheistic relativism as the official policy. This was the first step Hitler took, as did other dictators before actively persecuting religions and believers. Certainly this had to be avoided on a liberal network, to avoid any revelation of Obama’s real intentions.

    Finally, the 82 interruptions of Ryan permitted to Biden, and the moderator’s own interruptions showed this to be anything but a fairly monitored debate.