• EssEm

    “The ordinariate allows the new Catholics to keep their Anglican form of worship, including the Book of Common Prayer.” Not quite true. The new Anglican Catholics have their own liturgical books mostly taken from the BCP but they do not use the whole book without exception. Its Eucharist, for example, with Cranmer’s Protestant consecration prayer, would not pass Catholic muster and so they use, I believe, the Roman Canon.

  • Fr. John Morris

    All of the publicity about the Anglicans becoming Roman Catholic ignores the larger number of Anglicans who have become Eastern Orthodox. Although most, like me are regular Byzantine Rite Orthodox, others are members of the growing Western Rite Orthodox Parishes The Antiochian Archdiocese under the Patriarchate of Antioch and Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia under the Patriarchate of Moscow both have Western Rite parishes that use the 1928 Book of Common Prayer including Cranmer’s consecration prayer with a few changes to bring it into conformity with Orthodox doctrine.

  • Jorge Cantu

    Fr. Morris:
    Everything, even, if necessary, to become a Jehovah Witness or similar, in order to avoid the obedience to the Christ given authority of St. Peter in the person of the Holy Father, the Pope.