Episcopalians under fire for hosting Muslim convention

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RNS photo by Megan Sweas

RNS photo by Megan Sweas

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PASADENA, Calif. (RNS) Leaders of a flagship progressive Episcopal church are defending themselves against charges of sympathy for terrorists in their decision to host the annual Muslim Public Affairs Council convention. By Megan Sweas.

  • Barbara Hopwood

    If I lived in Pasadena I would be proud to be a member of All Saints..Our parish welcomes a Muslim community to use our building for their worship space. How else can we begin to know our neighbors?


    CONGRATULATIONS to All Saints.Bigots demonize Islam by equating it to the pimitive tribal lifestyles of the developing world whlch admitted ly is nominally Muslim , but ethically has not emerged fro its tribal pagan roots.American Muslims are Pro-life, Pro -family, Pro-business and Pro-American.Christians can learn from Muslims especially as Pope Benedict says ” their commitment to prayer”.Read the leading Muslim , Ibrihim Cooper’s Christmas message , emphasising Islamic love and respect for Jesus and Mary !

  • smart3761

    Indeed it is time we talk about Islam wrongly called ‘Religion’. The base must be ‘independence’ and using ones intellect and reasoning to find the truth and call on others to think on the same. We certainly have one source of knowledge.
    As a Muslim, I am free from what one says without proof and evidence from the Qur’an. The Qur’an is the simplified explanation of the guidance prophets and messengers received from Allah before that was revealed to the then world (Quraysh and the Levi clan of the Children of Israel in Madina) through Muhammad Rasulullah.
    I am independent of what nations understood if it goes against the practice of Muhammad Rasulullah.
    Let us start by reading: ISBN: 9781467883931; ISBN: 978-1-60976-919-2

  • Michelle

    I am an Episcopalian. All Saints showed that love thy neighbor is real. That Inter religious dialogue can take place–even among religions as different as Christianity and Islam.