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  • Joan Jacobson

    The story fails to give all the facts in this case. The Church teaches that abortion, the direct killing of the unborn, is always immoral. The hospital didn’t directly kill the twins. However, the statement that the unborn aren’t ‘people’ (not human) is in direct contradiction to Church dogma and is scandalous for the Church. Bishops need to take action to remedy the scandal. Perhaps hospital needs name “Catholic” removed if officials fail to conform to Catholic doctrine, correcting the statement.

  • Jim

    The argument is purely for an argument at law. The abortionists write the murderous laws, and then act shocked when a hospital argues that under the state’s law they haven’t erred. Too many judges are pro abortion, and to see the law turned the opposite direction will test any of their duty for “ending frivolous law suits,” against medical providors. That is, will a judge who doesnt believe in God or who thinks pro-life is meaningless or outdated, decide against the hospital’s argument based on the obviously pro-“choice” (=death) law ?
    God help the victims and bless us with fewer medical errors. I regret any hurt stemming from these comments.

  • Mike

    The Catholic Church frequently twists the facts to suit its twisted agenda.

  • Rebecca

    As said in the article – there is a difference between legal, and moral.

    The hospital, the CATHOLIC hospital, is obliged under their FREELY CHOSEN MORAL SYSTEM, to have done more to save those children. At 7 months gestation, they had a decent chance of survival.

    The hospital, under catholic direction, cannot morally argue that they are legally clear of negligence because of their unborn status. Legally, they are right – but they should be forced by the church to retract that defence on moral grounds. You cannot claim one thing, and then use something else because your ‘morals’ cost you money.

    I am pro-choice. I am an atheist. However, these babies were clearly wanted by the parents, and as such, the church had the obligation to make all reasonable effort in their health and safety. They did not.

  • dorothy thompson

    If Catholic Health Initiatives believe in the Catholic church teachings, then they would own their wrongs. CHI would rather pay their expensive team of lawyers hundreds of thousands of dollars then to just settle and move on. Why bring down the whole Catholic healing mission for this money hungry business. I know first hand of CHI and their shady lawyers. I’m still in a battle with trying to hold them accountable for nearly 11yrs. I have been through the worst kind of miscarriages of justice that any mother can stand. How these people get away with the evils that they have done is beyond me.