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  • Bob

    “Parts of London’s East End have turned into Muslims-only zones, they say, where gays and lesbians are harassed, men are forced to pour alcoholic drinks down the gutter and women have been ordered to cover their bare skin.”

    Oh, come on. When have Muslim leaders ever made such a ridiculous claim, or the British government for that matter? There are no “Muslims-only zones” in east London or anywhere else in the UK.

    What has happened is that a handful of idiots in Tower Hamlets posting YouTube videos of themselves harassing non-Muslim passers-by has been exploited by right-wing propagandists to suggest that such zones really exist.

    RNS should know better than to repeat such nonsense.

  • Thank you for some sanity.

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  • Crosscop

    The 23% who do not see Islam as a danger to Western Civilisation must be brain-dead. It has always been the sworn enemy of Western Civilisation and always will be – not surprising when the Koran orders Muslims to fight against non-believers until there is no religion but Islam.

  • cken

    I am not questioning you, but why is your prospective any more accurate than that of the article.

  • Jon

    Islam is a part of Western civilization. The Caliphate’s capital was in Europe from the 15th to the 20th century. Western European civilization is built on the philosophy of Muslim Spain, from Avicenna, Averroes, and many others.

    The rest of the world in the Far East always lump Islam in with Judeo-Christian civilization. Get your head out of the sand.

  • Leo

    Islam is not part of Western civilization, and it has been attacking Western civilization since the 7th century when it aggressively, and unprovokedly, entered Spain and was defeated by Charles Martel. The purpose of Islam is jihad, that is, submission by all of the unwilling to this system, whether it is through elimination, jizya tax or dhimmitude (second-class citizenship.) Dhimmitude applies to all non-Muslims.

  • Crosscop

    Islam is and always has been the enemy of the West. Your capital of the Caliphate was Constantinople – the capital of the Christian Byzantine Empire until it was sacked ( amidst incredible brutality) and ethnically cleansed by the Muslim Turks – an Asiatic people – and sadly is still occupied by them.
    The philosophy of Avicenna, Averroes etc was based on Classical Greek philosophy which they received from the Byzantines and Persians. They were successful despite Islam – not because of it. I always find it strange that Muslims claim to have introduced Classical philosophy and science into Western Europe when it was actually the Muslims who snuffed out the last stronghold of the Classical Greek-Roman world – the Byzantine Empire.
    And Muslim Spain? If Spain had not neen liberated from the Muslims it would be part of the 3rd World like Morocco, Tunisia,Libya and Egypt – and would have all their problems. And the plight of any remaining Christians would be similar to that of the Copts – a persecuted minority in their own land. There is not one Muslim dominated country in the world where non-Muslims are treated as equals. Which is not surprising, given what the Koran says about them – they are lower than animals, disbelief is the greatest crime of all, they should be converted, subjugated or killed etc. etc.
    Islam has no place in the West. If you are a Muslim, Jon – please stop the propaganda. If you are not a Muslim – read the Koran and Hadith and you cannot fail to see the hatred and intolerance of others that Islam teaches.

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  • June-marie Courage

    Absolutely. Yet this hysterical scare-mongering seems to have been reported around the world. My own understanding is that a mosque in east London was among the first to report these silly boys to the police.

  • Crosscop

    Yes, the mosque condemned the “silly boys” but that same mosque regularly hosts speakers who spout similar hate-filled views – which are mainstream Islamic views, by the way.

  • Offthepink

    They aren’t BEING separated from the rest of the world. They’re separating THEMSELVES from the rest of the world. They WANT it this way. So that right there is no excuse. They are separating themselves from non-muslims, who they consider the enemy, and will continue to do so while making attacks on their host countries, like the parasites they are.

  • Amy Hemming

    This is what ex-Muslim Ali Sina of http://www.faithfreedom.org. Sina writes: “Islam is not a religion. Considering Islam a religion is a foolish mistake that could cost millions of lives. Islam is a political movement set to conquer the world. It is the Borg of the non-fictional world. Islam has one goal and one goal alone: to assimilate or to destroy.”

    People need to call evil by its name – the ideology of Islam is exactly that – evil.