• bill mcintosh

    Omid regarding the provocative question “What would Muhammad do”? Well in Saudi Arabia-thanks to Muhammad-a guy like Ray Lewis first of all could never get a cover story into the hands of millions about such a topic. Also thanks to Muhammad Lewis would be crucified if he turned to Christianity from Islam. Islam is inherently oppressive to non Muslims-thanks to Muhammad´s creation of a “protected status” in islam for dhimmis (basically meaning that they are targets for persecution and perpetual jizya shakedowns).
    9/11-carried out by good muslims-was the turning point. Islam is like communism-adherents always claim that any atrocity was not a true manifestation of the ideal. How bloody and murderous the wait is for the coming of a peaceful islam. The injunctions against killing “innocents” doesnt apply to us-we are 2nd class and by definition guilty.

    Islam is toxic to America even though we must love muslims.

  • Lewis

    Excellent article Mr. Safi. Thank you. There are so many anti-religious people in today’s society. Th God-less are usually the first to cast stones.

  • dear Mr. Lewis, thank you for your kind and gracious words. May it be that all of us can be a part of embodying the very lofty ideals we aspire to.
    Mr. McIntosh, if you are actually interested in learning about Islam, I’d be delighted to offer you some readings. If you actually knew about the 19 terrorists, and how they spent their last few days drunk and visiting nude bars, you might wish to rethink your assessment of them as “good Muslims.” May God soften your hearts, and open your mind. I for one choose to work for an America that is a welcoming home to people of all faiths and no faith.
    Omid Safi

  • bill mcintosh

    Ok Omid I think this is bunk. Let me first start with something taken from the koran (4:24)
    “Also (forbidden are) women already married, except those (captives and slaves) whom your right hands possess. Thus has Allah ordained for you.”

    So if a jihadist takes a female captive he can use her sexually even despite her being married since his “right hand” possesses her (is his jihad captive). So what is the problem in Islam with paying a lap dancer or stripper especially when you´re a big bad soon to be magnificent shaheed? Isnt Allah most abiding in mercy who doesn´t sweat the small stuff when it comes to his jihadist martrys?

  • #4 Kitty

    Ray Lewis, like every one of us, is the “thief on the cross” ~
    where Jesus says to him “Today shalt thou be with me in paradise.”
    Though the religiously minded often carry fist fulls of accusation and judgment I appreciate the reminder that the heart of religion has always been redemption.

  • I am a Muslim and so proud 🙂