• Pastor Ernie Paul Young PhD

    Abomination of Homosexuality
    Excommunication from the church for abomination of homosexuality; God Almighty’s word on the matter, also those who encourage this sin are as guilty as you are and in your same damnation, and God Almighty shall judge all. Read all, study, and repent call upon the name of Jesus Christ.
    Roman’s chapter one, Roman’s chapter two, First Corinthian’s chapter five, First Corinthians chapter six, Galatians chapter five, Ephesians chapter five, First Timothy chapter one, Leviticus chapter eighteen, verse 22, Leviticus chapter twenty, verse thirteen, Deuteronomy chapter twenty three, verse seventeen and eighteen, Genesis chapter nineteen. To the unlearned Pastors, unlearned souls, and the Ministers of Satan who do try and pervert God Almighty’s Word, to all mankind learn, stop your sin abomination and repent of your sins of homosexuality today in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ who loves you but, not your sins.
    Do not let Satan’s Ministers tell you it is ok to be actively homosexual; read God’s Holy Word and repent. Amen

    Pastor Ernie Paul Young, PhD.

  • Pastor Peter Schell

    Brother Ernie Young,
    Study Mark 12:31, and Matthew 7:3. I will pray for you.

  • Dr Ernie Paul Young PhD Minister

    As I will pray for you Peter to study and know Gods Word, not man’s misunderstanding of it. Amen.