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  • Qalb Ali ibn Yadullah

    Actually, to give the neo-salafist or wahabbis some credit… as disturbed as they are, they would never approve of suicide attacks because suicide is strictly Haram in Islam. There is an ideaology called Qutbism, you should look into. But make sure to learn the difference between authentic Islam and pseudo-islam. There is a saying, “Islam is in the books, Muslims are in the graves”.

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  • Edgar Francis

    Thank you for posting your slides and lecture. I intend to share these materials with my students in my “Islam in the Modern World” course–with all due credit to the author, of course!

  • dear Edgar, it is absolutely my pleasure to have you use this in your classes. My gratitude.

  • dear Charles, there is no relationship between the words Hanbal and Hanibal. For looking at pre-Islamic Arabia, read the relevant chapters in my Memories of Muhammad book, and then Toshihiko Izutsu’s God and Man in the Koran. All the best, omid

  • Thajudheen

    Wahabbism is not a islamic party, its existencd and movement for reactionary,
    in short, they are real terrorist…

  • sk

    yes thety are wahhabi

  • sk

    yes i am agree with you

  • JStraithhairne

    So, you cast aspersions on the entire bin Laden family because of the actions of one man, Usama? That is perhaps one of the worst examples of imbalance in this lecture. It is also incredibly misleading, to say the least.

  • Arslan

    May i recommend this as a read, perhaps it will really open up the reality of that region in terms of the application and the effects of the Wahhabi doctrine.
    Written by the Shafi’i Scholar, Sayyid Yusuf ibn Al-Sayyid Hashim al-Rifa’i:


  • Dave Miller

    Dear Dr. Safi, your article on the Wahabi movement was referenced yesterday in Cathy Lynn Grossman’s article “‘Own it!’ Terrorism is an Islamic issue, say some Muslims” on RNS, dated 12/4/15. But now your lecture notes and slides have been removed from their location in Dropbox!

    Can you tell us where else to find them?

    Thank you!