• Kay

    He’s got my vote! What fun.

  • Ellis

    Greetings from the Philippines!
    I wonder how Cardinal Tagle would react when he sees this “campaign video.” I bet he would just laugh at this, or cringe 🙂 It was a fun video.
    Tagle was my teacher last semester in our “Holy Orders” class. I wish him all the best.

  • Francisco

    It is ironic that the tune used for this repurpose was originally sang by a group of very gay singers. In today’s Church atmosphere of homophobia, this is just hilarious. If the other cardinals got a whiff of this prior to the start of the conclave, Tagle would not stand a chance. But, we don’t know how God works.

  • popejingle

    I’m sure he will laugh at this Ellis. I know Cardinal Tagle has a sense of humor. That’s exactly why I made a fun song like this..to reflect his sunny personality. 🙂

  • Factory out of the thing that I can nothing?

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