Remembering Rachel Corrie: A martyr for human rights

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Words like martyr are used all too loosely these days. If there ever was one, Rachel was a martyr for justice and human dignity in Palestine/Israel. And as hard as it is to state this publicly, Rachel's blood is on our hands for having supported the Israelis' brutal occupation of Palestine.

  • Joe

    Good post.

  • Schlomo Bagelbaum

    All hail Saint Pancake!

  • sleepless

    We will never forget Rachel, the martyr for justice, the continuing violence of Israeli state and its ever-growing homophobia over the inhabitants. May Rachel rest in peace, and may God give us peace in this world.

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  • Excellent post, thanks for the researched read. You really helped me understand this topic a lot better.

  • Donna Gleason

    Never underestimate the human spirit.
    Inna lilah wa inna ilayhi raji’un