• Americans still don’t understand why the church is dying… The media has not satisfied the question yet!

    Gotquestions.org says few young adults believe in Satan or that Christianity is the only true religion. Why don’t they believe and what does it mean that the church has become “culturally irrelevant?”

    The most immediate reason is sociological. Most young adults go to school, work, and live with diverse friends now. If you watch The Big Bang Theory, Sheldon lives with such a mix.

    The church insists that all other religions are an abomination. So this precept of the church has struck a cultural nerve with most young adults. They prefer to quit church than offend their new friends. This is why Parade Magazine says a quarter of Americans have made the move from religion to spiritualism This could be the undoing of the world’s largest religion.

    Let’s talk about this and other contributing factors…and publish!

    Truly, Brad O’Donnell, Richmond, Va.
    quittingchurch.com odonbrad@gmail.com