Quote of the Day: Author and activist Asra Nomani

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“It’s time to acknowledge the dishonor of terrorism within our communities, not to deny it because of shame.” — Muslim author and activist Asra Nomani, writing in The Washington Post about the Muslim community’s response to the Boston Marathon bombing.

  • Omar

    I agree with Ms. Nomani we have to fight the wrong concept of Jihad in our religion. Islam inculcates the love of humanity in our beliefs. Rather than warring other nations or groups we must live in harmony with them as indicated in our holy book, the Quran where it says that we are one nation of humans rather than tribes and sects indicated elsewhere, where the implication is that we are separate because of our jealosies for each other,
    The Quran also teaches us while we live on earth we will be subject to the wrath of our Creator if we disobey Him or the prophet Mohammad, peace be upon him. There is no compulsion in faith. If we fail to recognize the merit of the holy words of our Creator regarding these edicts our destination is hellfire in the hereafter.