Catholic rocker Matt Maher finds cross-over appeal among evangelicals

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matt maher

Growing up Roman Catholic in Newfoundland, Matt Maher never imagined that his childhood interest in music would lead to a career as a Grammy-nominated, chart-topping Christian rocker — let alone a crossover artist featured on Christian radio and in evangelical worship. Photo courtesy Matt Maher

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LOS ANGELES (RNS) After he stopped attending Catholic Mass as a freshman in high school, Matt Maher never expected to have a career as a Catholic musician with crossover appeal for evangelicals.

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  • TomC

    You say that as if he is some sort of alien

  • Paul Kenny

    Another good Irish Catholic kid from the ” Rock” setting a great example!

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  • Michele Hixon

    I like listening to both catholic and non-catholic Christian stations. Matt is one of my faves – especially “You Were on the Cross” and “Love Will Hold Us Together”. God bless and keep ’em comin!

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  • Michelle Perez

    I come from a Pentecostal background and absolutely love and appreciate that this group although from different denominations can connect and understand each other for His glory. God uses people in so many different ways, its part of his mysteries. Thank you for all of your hard work! God bless you!

  • Maher is one of the most successful Catholic artists to cross over into mainstream Christian rock and find an audience among evangelicals,

  • Jeremy (a 40 something)

    This is another great example of God’s power, GOD has proven that HE alone can do all things, EVEN bring people from different denominations, with different methods of worship, together for HIS glory. Matt has a way of pulling emotions from you that you did not know where buried inside, he does this both in the adult and the youth. Thanks Matt for following your calling, you are an inspiration to us all!

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  • Maria

    I love Matt Maher, but Catholicism isn’t a denomination. It’s the only true Church.

  • Maria

    He will back to the only one Church, the holly catholic church, i’m sure!

  • Esther Johnson

    I’m sorry, but the Catholic church is not the “true” church. Research the facts. It is the church of Jesus Christ that is the real church.


  • Esther Johnson

    I’m sorry, but the Catholic church ISN’T the one real church. It is a denomination. Do your research and read the historical facts. The true church is Jesus Christ’s followers and those who follow Him in Spirit and in truth.


  • pilgrim

    Yes, truth… So with differing doctrines between 6000+ denominations, how do I know which one is the right one?

  • Carmella

    Read your Bible
    attend Bible studies

  • Jim Adkins

    Why can’t we all just see what Matt is doing? He is setting the example that this thing is MUCH bigger than names. Please let’s all just concentrate on the lost around us and utilize God’s great gift the has given us all. Maria please refrain from lableing the Catholic church as the only true church, one only has to review the wars caused by this type of thinking and the terrible destruction it caused in Ireland as well as other places. God’s gift is NOT exclusive for only one group but is made available to all who will receive. God bless all.

  • Ryan

    I find it sad when ANY of us assume that we know who goes to heaven and who doesn’t. I am Catholic. Since Vatican II the Catholic Church has taught that all Christians can go to heaven.

    “…the Church now solemnly acknowledges that the Holy Ghost is truly active in the churches and communities separated from itself. To these other Christian Churches the Catholic Church is bound in many ways: through reverence for God’s word in the Scriptures; through the fact of baptism; through other sacraments which they recognize.”–Second Vatican Ecumenical Council 1964

    I truly believe that the in-fighting among Christians is influenced by Satan.

  • James Adkins

    Well said Ryan.

  • Susan

    Sorry, you are wrong, Catholic is the only true religion that is why all other religions became such when they broke away from the catholics because they didn’t want to follow the doctrine. Sorry that is the truth!

  • JJ

    The only TRUTH is the WORD of God. What good is religion if you have no knowledge of the living Way, Jesus Christ? Stop arguing about what is the one true religion and seek out the truth that is embodied in the Scriptures.

  • Rob Schrader


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