(UPDATED) Religious groups that claim they were IRS targets

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Evangelists Franklin Graham, left, and Billy Graham, right, stop on North Galvez Street in New Orleans’ Lower 9th Ward. Religion News Service photo by Ellis Lucia/The Times-Picayune of New Orleans

Evangelists Franklin Graham, left, and Billy Graham, right, stop on North Galvez Street in New Orleans’ Lower 9th Ward. Religion News Service photo by Ellis Lucia/The Times-Picayune of New Orleans

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(RNS) The Internal Revenue Service, in the limelight this week after a watchdog panel said it used “inappropriate criteria” when considering applications for tax-exempt status by Tea Party groups, is also under fire from religious organizations.

  • gilhcan

    Unless an organization is totally and strictly, “exclusively,” for human welfare, it should never be given IRS approval as a 401tax-exempt entity. The IRS had no legal right to change the wording of the original law from “exclusively” to “primarily” way back in 1959. All our governments since then have operated unconstitutionally, illegally, by giving 401 status to any other type of confirmed group. The solution is to simply end all exemptions to any operations that are not “exclusively” for human welfare purposes, according to the original law. That does not include politics!

  • Herbie

    Right wing propaganda groups looking for a big government handout in the form of tax exemption. Now you’ve been caught and are trying to blame Obama and the IRS. Liars, welfare queens, and cry babies, all of you.

  • David Thompson

    Just imagine the revenue if they ended tax exempt status for religion. We could solve the debt crisis in a very short period. None of those complaining should be considered for exemption in the first place.

  • Doc Anthony

    Christians, you voted for this mess last November when you voted for Barack Obama. A most unfortunate and costly error on your part. The targeting of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, and of progressive and conservative Catholic organizations, is only the beginning.

  • wilbureduke

    Give unto Caesar what is Caesar’s. Christians should as in ALL things lead by example, since we all know words are easy to twist into whatever you want, your actions show what you value and really believe. By paying your taxes you show your commitment to your county, your civilization, but more importantly to your neighbor which in turn is an act of love for them. The church should pay taxes it would be an example to us all in our commitment to loving our neighbor. Lastly it would allow them them to speak to whatever concern that churches body feels without any concern of breaking the law and since they are paying for their government in must listen in turn and their congregation would be more likely to pay their taxes too. If you are paying for the service then you are more likely to hold it responsible for it action. Please consider this if you want a great nation then someone has to pay for it.

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  • April

    Christians are known by their actions and words. Lead, stop attacking . Don’t seek tax breaks, beware of “helpful” politicals. Ministers should minister, not get involved in politics. Churches should follow the Great Commission, not tell people how to vote. Trust God, don’t trust man. Tame the tongue. Be humble.

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  • Deacon John M. Bresnahan

    Our Founding Fathers who created what has become the most successful and free nation on earth were deathly afraid of one basic problem: government tyranny. That is why they put so many protections from government power into our constitution through divisions of power. One need only read the history of the blood-drenched 20th Century to see how just their fears were.
    Yet to hear some quarters in the media today the worst outcome of the IRS and APress scandals involving gross abuse of government power is that Americans will become less worshipful of government. But that loss of idol-worshipping of governmet might be the best result of these scandals.

  • Herbie- this is not about handouts and welfare monies, it is about corruption not seen in my 60 plus years of living here in the United States. Your comment leads me to believe that you are nothing more than a partisan Obama hack who out of ignorance fails to see the real problem created by the IRS. This is about integrity and government trust which the Obama administration has very little of when it comes to doing the right thing for America.

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  • asdf

    Apparently, this blog is read solely by ignorant Obama shills.

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  • Old Dude

    The IRS does the will of the messiah in the White House and he does not like the Messiah in heaven. The one in the WH does not like Christians or whites to cling to religion (although he needs the votes of self deprecating white liberals to win). So he (the one in the WH) uses the IRS to “target” the Tea Party (shouldn’t that be illegal), corporations, religions and even STATES that he considers no good. He sees the WH as his personal tool to attack anything he does not like (and it is anything UNLIKE him).

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  • This article is not very convincing. It is anecdotal, and suffers from selection bias. So a few groups experienced audits and delays. What does that prove? The IRS performs many audits. And I’m pretty sure it experiences regular backlogs which produce long waiting times. Where is the evidence that religious groups experienced these things to a greater degree than any other type of group?

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  • David Thompson

    Yes, the reprisal of the theocrats. And Kerry talks about freedom of religion in other countries, while the US is an f’ing christian theocracy.

  • David Thompson

    As long as nitwit organizations are allowed to function as legitimate institutions, there will be political insanity. Exclude all religious organizations and the problem goes away and/or funds the deficit in the process.

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  • Scott Mayo

    Are you kidding me? Obama’s administration is one of the most corrupt and scandalous in American History. Just one after the other!

  • shana

    This s article is simply a intro…..we do not follow the old testament.we follow the new testament…and in the new testament written so long. Ago..it explains event like this in revelation…….this is only going to get worst…..things like this it is all there…..yes we can not change some things in life but we do not have to believe in it either.the church is bieng silenced slowly…simply because if they were to do it how they really want to more would come to Christ and they’re job is not that it it to DECEIVE. …….AMEN……GOD BLESS AMERICA …..SATAN IS NOT A DUMMY BUT YOU ARE NOT EITHER