• David Thompson

    Take god out of your article and all the concepts exist without the burden of an unrealistic magic man in the sky. More importantly, it is a flat out lie to say that god exists. There is ZERO factual evidence that you or anyone else can bring to bear that will prove there is a god. Without factual proof why believe in fantastical myths?

    Why do good people die? Because things happen in nature and you are either the recipient of gratuitous bad fortune. This question never gets ask when the unknown gentlemen wins the $338 million powerball. A lot of good fortune is going to befall people around him. They don’t deserve it.

    Every equation is better without god. God adds complexity that brings no value.

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  • Buddy

    1 John 5:19

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  • There is good, and there is evil. There is God, and there is Satan. The proper question is,…”Where is man when evil strikes?”.

    If you live in the land of lies and deceit, you have placed yourself close to Satan. Here, Satan will help you.

    If you live in the land of truth and honesty, then you have placed yourself close to God. Here, God will help you.

    If trouble is brewing, then people have placed themselves in the wrong location.

  • Karla

    David-Read Romans 1:18-25. Creation itself is evidence that God is real.
    If you see a building there must have been a builder. For you to say that
    this world came about by chance is nonsense and it actually takes more
    faith to believe in that than to believe in God. The Case for Christ by
    Lee Strobel is a good book to read. If the Sun was any closer we would
    burn up and any further we would freeze…you say that is just by chance?
    Psalm 22 and other Bible prophecy that came true wth 100% accuracy is
    why you can trust the Bible to be true. Read 1 Corinthians 5 and 6 the
    whole chapters as well. God/Jesus is real and the Bible/Jesus is the Truth!