4 reasons why Republicans are rekindling evangelical outreach

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Chad Connelly has been tapped by the Republican National Committee as the new outreach director to evangelicals and religious groups. RNS photo courtesy Chad Connelly.

Chad Connelly has been tapped by the Republican National Committee as the new outreach director to evangelicals and religious groups. RNS photo courtesy Chad Connelly.

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(RNS) Why would Republicans hire the former party chairman in South Carolina to lead engagement to evangelicals, a group that for a generation or more has been the reliable anchor of the party faithful? Here are four reasons.

  • David Thompson

    I don’t know how long it will take for the Aryan race, I mean republicans, to marginalize themselves to be irrelevant, but it can’t happen soon enough. I am not saying we don’t need other voices — we do, but we don’t need the religious Nazis around normal human beings and especially children..

  • John McGrath

    Republicans do not need to win elections. They make policy no matter who wins.

    The real Republicans – the elite – exist to make sure the corporations and the rich are well taken care of (low or no taxes, low or no regulation, withering away of labor rights and decent wages).

    To the elite, the real Republlcans – the moneyed ones in charge – the cultural issues are just a way to cynically manipulate the mean-spirit that passes for religion in the USA.

  • Charles Humfree

    The primary reason why the GOP would need a liaison with evangelicals and fundamentalists is to cement the ideological relationship into legislation. It’s just that simple. Reviewing the statements delivered by GOP members of Congress is an eye-opener to anyone who questions this agenda. Whether or not you are a Christian, the real question is do you understand that separation of church and state is critical to American freedoms and progress? The evangelicals/fundamentalists have been bending the American dream towards religious tyranny during most of history of our country. These people attempt to control who we elect to office at local, state, and national levels by artificially activating a religious test. Look at the religious composition of the Congress. Does it reflect your understanding of the breakdown of views on religion in this country. Please, wake up and question what these folks are trying to do.

  • russell leisenheimer

    “Catholics, for example, are often allies of evangelicals on culture war issues but sided with Obama in both elections.”

    well, yes and no. while obama won white catholics in 08, he lost them in 12, while winning landslide victories with african-american and hispanic catholic voters both times.

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  • carol

    Religious Nazi’s? I cannot believe that I just read that. Yes Hitler did have a church it was the Reich Church. Just because church is added behind another word doesn’t make it a religion for Christians and the German people were normal people believing their government was working for a good cause. Do a little homework before blaspheming the church. http://www.historylearningsite.co.uk/religion_nazi_germany.htm
    It makes me sad to see how divided everything is. That is the work of the devil, just the way he wants it. If you look up the history of the republican party, they were the ones fighting for ending slavery, making sure people don’t lose their liberties. http://www.gop.com/our-party/our-history/#
    So, David your last name is Thompson, sounds scandinavian to me, most likely Aryan? Yet you are attacking the very people you belong to instead of making a difference, learning from history. You must be a democrat, I mean socialist.