• Gurcharan Singh

    It is not surprising that Quebec took this step-it is always the French-who are always quipping about secularism-based on their own limited understanding amd moronic intelligence! About time they should be banned from entering into Amritsar and visiting the Harmander sahib until they meet our standards of having natural hair and beards with turbans.never seen any more stupidity than these froggies….perhaps they forget what happened to napoleon!

  • Jasvinder singh

    Those races who are hell bound to force irrational rules on others slowly move away from the mainstreem.

  • Leo

    The French are about the only ones with cojones. France is certainly ahead of Britain in this arena, and the Scandinavian countries are learning the hard way.
    The accommodation of all of these special needs groups by government is onerous. For sheer arrogance, one need only check the history of the British in every country that they have invaded.

  • chamim dovid rabinovitch

    next it will be hasidim with their fur hats against sikhs with their turbans

    and the rest of the world will lose interest in soccer

  • Balminder Singh Mangat M.D.

    Ban ?
    On Sikh Turbans….??
    83,000 Sikhs died defending the free world with their turbans on, in WW 1 and 2 … Paris was liberated by Sikhs in WW 1, if any one cares to remember.

    Is it just plain …” FEAR “… of better quality sportsmen emerging……..