Inside the Mormons’ elite Missionary Training Center

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Jared Knighton and Taylor Clark study mormon scriptures at the Missionary Training Center of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Provo Tuesday June 18, 2013. Photo by Trent Nelson  |  The Salt Lake Tribune

Jared Knighton and Taylor Clark study mormon scriptures at the Missionary Training Center of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Provo Tuesday June 18, 2013. Photo by Trent Nelson | The Salt Lake Tribune

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ROVO, Utah (RNS) It’s no “Animal House,” with raucous frats, food fights and binge drinking. This is Mormonism’s premier Missionary Training Center, where young Latter-day Saints are molded and mentored. It’s the place they are built up and, sometimes, dressed down.

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  • Glenn

    They should change their name to Ignorance indoctrination training school.

  • Bryan

    This “training center” is a travesty. What a terrible waste of so many young minds to be corrupted by the falsehoods of religion. If only these children were allowed to grow up thinking for themselves. I appreciate you, RNS, for publishing this expose on the child abuse that goes on inside the Mormon religion, and all religions.

  • Jon

    @Bryan. I attended this training center many years ago en route to my mission experience in Guatemala. Here are some of the things that “corrupted” me during my stay: appreciation for a culture, language and way of life that was different than my own; heightened awareness of and concern for the needs of others; sacrifice for a cause that was greater than myself; gratitude for God, family, and country. I could go on but I know it’s difficult to imagine that this sort of “child abuse” is playing out among so many young people.

  • Cole

    I loved the MTC. I was there 2 months and learned Spanish. I especially liked how much they stressed studying the bible and finding out for yourself what you believe to be truth. I gained a powerful witness from God that his church was restored again and that The Book Of Mormon was the word of God to preach the everlasting gospel with the bible in the last days. Read it for yourself and decide. 🙂

  • Bryan

    What a waste… young people that are eager to help and learn another language only to be trained to spread an absurd doctrine. So often are these people motivated by spreading religion than actually helping out a fellow member of the human race ( I’ve actually been on a mission trip myself and seen it personally).

    Get em when they are young, because adults almost never fall for this bs.

  • Cole

    @Bryan an LDS mission is way to long to try and fake. You won’t be happy if you have a goal to only baptize as many converts as you can. It’s about truly helping lift another’s burdens. The best way to do that is through teaching the principles of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Forgetting yourself and serving others wherever possible makes you happy. Setting about looking outward rather than inward changes the soul. The motive is love not to gain a convert.

  • Jordan

    Meet with the LDS missionaries and you will no longer think them ignorant. Be careful though you may find yourself a Mormon soon after the experience 😉

  • GUS

    The LDS MISSION is to displace true christian doctrine with false unproven doctrine from the book of mormon that has no prophecy .Have you ever heard a LDS missionary convert a person from a none christian religion,prabably not.True christians must never exalt the words of Joseph Smith.

  • Jesse

    I will always cherish my memories of the MTC and the friends I made there. What a wonderful experience it was to go through! The whole mission experience, beginning with and including the MTC, was one large spiritual feast like no other on earth except for attending the temple, and the memory of the day I was blessed with the gift of tongues will never be forgotten. The comparison with made that if knowledge were water it was trying to drink through a fire hose, and that is a fairly accurate description, but with divine help so plainly manifest it was no doubt where the inspiration was coming from. The good Lord is and was very attentive there, and that was plainly manifest throughout my entire experience at the MTC.

  • Blake

    @Gus, why do you say things like that about the LDS church? Joseph Smith was only a conduit to restore the the Church of Jesus Christ. The LDS church teaches true doctrine and defends ones agency and freedom to worship according to the dictates of their own conscience. As a member of the LDS church, I’m grateful for the doctrine that I have an opportunity to study and learn. It surprises me that folks, even non-LDS folks, wouldn’t take advantage of principles and teachings that are available to the world. Paul taught that we should seek truth wherever it might be. Have you studied the Book of Mormon? If you do, you’ll gain a greater appreciation of the Old Testament an New Testament. Watch the conference talks at and ponder upon the doctrine and you’ll learn that the doctrines taught are true as they come from the Savior Himself. The LDS church is not the church of Joseph, it’s the Church of Jesus Christ.