• mike

    The video is well done, but at bottom, this is just another attempt to rearrange the deck chairs on a sinking ship. Once you show up at church, it’ll be the same old boring business as usual.

  • stefan

    It’s up to you, Mike. Church is probably the place where this saying is the most true: you get out of it what you put into it. Hope you give it a chance.

  • s

    Dear Mike. I won’t deny I’ve been to some churches that just were not for me. So maybe this may seem unusual but ask God to direct you. He cares about every little detail in our lives. I encourage you to never give up. Be persistent in your search. I looked on cbn.com. they have suggestions for churches in your area. Once you find one, you’ll be glad you did. God bless you. He will help.

  • Dana

    Pastor “souipatch” needs to spend more time writing his sermon and think about keeping his day job. Rapping clearly is not is forte. And, Mike is right on about rearranging deck chairs. God is not waiting for anyone inside a church.

  • Dana

    I have tried several churches, and have never been “glad I did”. I don’t think it’s a matter of “not trying hard enough”. It’s more a matter of sorry old denominational churches being more interested in the business than spirituality.

  • Dana

    Thanks for your comments Mike! The same old business as usual, which is only big business – keeping the institution alive.

  • Sandy

    So good of them to include female pastors…