COMMENTARY: Islamist suppression could reach U.S. shores

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Aftermath from violence in Mabaa, Cairo, Egypt on Aug. 14, 2013.

Photo courtesy Matthew Elmaraghi via Neon Tommy's Flickr stream

Aftermath from violence in Mabaa, Cairo, Egypt on Aug. 14, 2013.

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(RNS) History suggests that when Egypt’s military suppresses its Islamist opponents, it has serious repercussions for the United States.

  • Deacon John M. Bresnahan

    At least the Egyptian generals have condemned the burning of Coptic Christian churches and pledged to help them rebuild.
    In the meanwhile the Muslim Brotherhood has been leading the burning and looting of Coptic churches and cathedrals and been busy placing Brotherhood flags above the rubble.

  • J Sherman

    Succinct summary, at least from the American perspective. I agree with the argument that the military is the wrong strongman before and now, but doubt the power of democracy to make any difference in Egypt. The notion of it saving the world is a kind of political imperialism, and continues to be rejected in many nations, from Russa to Iraq to Egypt, where people are allowed to vote, encouraged to even, but the result isn’t something many Americans would stamp “democratic.” The world hungers for a new, inclusive, less violent and more equitable system. Do we need a climate meltdown, civil wars simultaneously on several continents, an end of the wild as Homo sapiens flood the globe to somehow set off a cascade of change? I hope not. But my aging optimism is getting real tattered. No Marx, Messiah nor Mary Baker Eddy, or even a Joseph Smith, for that matter, have popped forth from the multitudes of protoplasm. May one/two/many sprout from the contemporary madness. That’s something worth praying for.

  • Leo

    Stay out of the Islamic world because we are infidels by their reckoning, and whatever we do has an purported “evil intent.” Also, Islam is not congruent with Western civilization, and this fact can be attested to by history and current events, not by seeming prejudice. We need to keep Islamists out of our countries, and let them stay where they belong in an environment totally conducive to their “religious” needs.
    Let the rich Islamic states support the poorer ones. Keep American money for Americans because we have lots of needs right here.