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  • Don Harrison

    I can understand now why a million well educated Chinese and Indians left Malaysia for other countries. Muslims intolerance of other religions is well known around world. This was not about insulting islam it was about nonmuslims using their prayer room and Muslims once again show that Islam is not a peaceful religion and it’s followers are ready to be violent on a moment’s notice. Like the mob that went looking for the Buddists and the governments over reaction tossing the visitors out of the country. People all over the world are reading these stories and this will effect tourism and loss of tourist dollars.

  • sam

    Insensitive to Muslims awww , it’s terrible that another faith did some harmless prayer in a Muslim prayer room. And the over reaction of the government in regard to perceived insult to Muslims , meanwhile hundreds of Hindu shrines have been plowed under and a group of Muslims kicked around a cow’s head as a direct insult to Hindus and nothing done. Churches fire bombed and graveyards vandalized, again nothing done and no one arrested. All this over reaction to a prayer room were nothing was damaged and the very most that should have happened was the Buddists told not to use Muslim prayer room and leave it at that.

  • Ali pray to empty oxygen(air)*

    Mohammad and most of the correct way of faiths among the world doesn’t teach mankind on earth to do something that violent to other faiths or religions.
    And, i am a buddhist. And, all that i can say is that even in buddha, he and she(buddhas) so loved the world and that they forgive and help mankind on earth.
    As buddha says; I vow not to enter heaven(paradise) until all mankind are saved from suffers in hell, and after they are all rescued, and so do i.
    So, islam especially in malaysia or anywhere else, better think twice before you act like brainlessly to the people that wasn’t part of your religion.