• Love this. Great roundup. Also saw “Jesus Freaks Out” go by, and that made me laugh!

  • Griffin Gulledge
  • Addie, that was mine 🙂

  • “Surprised by Joy Behar” C.S. Lewis #AddaWordRuinaChristianBook

  • Janis

    How about “the duct tape letters” (the screwtape letters by c.s. lewis).

  • Janis

    How about “the duct tape letters” (the screwtape letters by c.s. lewis). I know it doesn’t exactly follow the rules!

  • I got in trouble for laughing too loudly over these in a movie theater. Lol.

  • The Sacred Romance Novel (The Sacred Romance by Curtis and Eldridge)

  • Tom

    How about Just a Gosh Darned Minute for Wess Stafford’s book Just a Minute and Unshaken not Stirred for Dan Woolley’s book Unshaken.

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  • Josh

    The Fantastic Mr. Foxe’s Book of Martyrs.

  • Hilary

    Ok, “When bad-ass things happen to good people” was a wonderful word add, loved it, but technically that should be under #AddaWordRuinaJewishBook. Harold Kushner is a rabbi. He wrote that for a general audience, but it is not a specifically Christian book.

    Now I need to go start AddaWordRuinaJewishBook . . . if I had twitter on my phone.

  • Ruth Mills

    The Purpose Driven Thug Life

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  • James Ellis

    The Five Deviant Love Languages

  • The Ragamuffintop Gospel by Brennan Manning

  • Steve Matheson

    The Problem of Palin

  • Bob Terpstra

    Irresistible Zombie Revolution

  • Mark

    This one wins the AddaLETTERruinachristianbook award!

  • Reed Endel

    “He Still Moves Kidney Stones” – Max Lucado

  • Meg

    I thought it should be, “A Purpose Driven Bugs Life”

  • Allison

    “The Great Divorce Handbook”

  • Allison

    “The Blueberry Ragamuffin Gospel”

  • Carl

    Grandma Left Behind
    When God Whispers Your Name, Run

  • alberto

    When bad people happen to good things . . .

  • AlleyCatCOS

    Don’t Waste Your Life Reading

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  • BZ

    Better Sleep Together – What on earth are we here for?

  • Nicko

    The Magician’s Neighbour’s Nephew

  • How about “Evidence That Demands a Judge Judy Verdict.”

  • The Power of a Purpose Driven Day Off

    By Every Pastor who really needs one!!

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  • Sarah

    “The Silver Electric Chair” by C.S. Lewis.

  • What’s so amazing about Grace Anatomy?

    The Wounded Cat Healer

    The Irresistible Cookie Revolution.

  • Born again again.

    Power-lifting Evangelism.

    My Left Behind.

    Redeeming Coupons, Love

    The brief case for Christ.

  • Nathan J

    Out of the Silent But Deadly Planet.

  • Ethan d

    The horse and his boy wonder

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  • Except that “the Shack”, “Your Best Life Now” and “The Purpose Driven Life” are not even Christian books