Religious groups feel the pinch of government shutdown

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The Lincoln Memorial is closed during the government shutdown on Oct. 6, 2013.

Photo courtesy Flickr user reivax via Wikimedia Commons

The Lincoln Memorial is closed during the government shutdown on Oct. 6, 2013.

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WASHINGTON (RNS) As the government shutdown enters its second week, some religious groups are starting to feel the pinch, and they're also finding ways to reach out.

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  • oxenho

    My goodness! What kind of nonsensical argument is this? “The government shut down is harming religion”? Then what kind of impotent god are you serving? Good grief! You think heaven is in a teasy because a bunch of democrats & republicans can’t come together on a budget? My!

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  • Hillary

    Why scold? They are trying to fill a gap. What are you doing to alleviate the suffering of women, infants, and children under 6 years old who can’t get their benefits because of the shutdown. I don’t want a literal answer: do something!

  • cs

    I don’t think they are saying that the government shutdown is harming religion. The title is weird in my opinion because after reading this all I see is that religions have been helping people as much as possible, so I guess that’s where the pinch can come into play. Religious groups are going above and beyond to help people.

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  • Earold Gunter

    OK, I would have read their entire letter but the two sentences below were enough to make me want to loose my dinner.

    “There is nothing ‘pro-life’ or Christian about taking food away from pregnant women and babies. It is hypocritical and shameful for those who tout their commitment to family values to show such callous indifference.”

    Hypocrisy abounds. By teaching poorly educated, superstitious, 3rd world people that God says their men should not wear condoms when making love, or they will forfeit their very souls to eternal damnation in the fiery pit of hell, religions, most especially the Catholic Church, have been complicit in the deaths of thousands of people due to AIDS.

    I can’t see how the elimination of mothers and fathers due to this terrible disease supports family values. And the word “shame” doesn’t even come close to what they should feel for doing this.

    I don’t believe in a God, but if their was one, and it cared about what we do, one to another, and either punished or rewarded us for our actions, I think many “religious” people would come to realize the truth of how they have behaved toward their fellow man.

    Consider living life and loving people, without needing to believe that in the end you will get the carrot, or fearing that you will get the stick.

    Good day!

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  • gilhcan

    Why shouldn’t the religious groups suffer like everyone else from the shut-down, so many of them couldn’t function with out taxpayers money–which should be considered unconstitutional–and they should share the pain just as they unconstitutionally take the gain. If they can’t exist on their own, that only means they don’t have the proper support to exist at all.

  • gilhcan

    Don’t blame the Democrats. It’s the Republicans and their base of religious-right fanatics who are causing the shut-down and threatening default. We shouldn’t be supporting religion in any of its functions, anyway. Churches and religious groups don’t pay taxes. Why should they receive our support? Even the clergy receive tax exemptions in many states just for being church employees.

    We are totally ignoring the First Amendment and all the awful religious history that compelled the Framers to come up with that first clause in the First Amendment to our Constitution. They presumed that amendment would keep our government separated from all the evil that always resulted when religion was bound with secular politics and the churches were a part of secular government.

    Look at the mess we are now in because we have dared to ignore that First Amendment. The religious right is driving the Republican party. It has become a rank religious party. And the Catholic bishops think they can inflict their theology into our legislation. And none of them, as churches or church members pay taxes. Yet they are given untold billions from the public till. If that isn’t support of religion and churches, what is?

  • Sister Geraldine M. Wagner

    Beware of certain churchmen in California who present a church need as one thing, but is really for something else entirely. Then they steal from unsuspecting senior citizens who are church members under these false pretenses.

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