• catholic parishioner who led the gays

    since he is a canon lawyer he should understand why same sex marriage is acceptable.

  • catholic parishioner who led the gays

    as a straight catholic who is a 45+ yo virgin, it is clear to me why gays should be permitted to marry each other and not someone of the opposite sex. would you as a straight person marry someone who is homosexual. i wouldn’t. marriages are automatically null and void if a heterosexual person is married to a homosexual person. this is canon law 101 here.

  • catholic parishioner who led the gays

    its an insult to heterosexuals telling them to marry a homosexual, just as it is an insult to tell a homosexual to marry a heterosexual person. furthermore, it is against canon law to for heteros to be married to a homo. getting an annulment in this situation is a slam dunk.

  • catholic parishioner who led the gays

    no priest can rightly and justly command heteros to marry homos against their will and vice versa. he would lose his right to practice as a priest. its just common sense why same sex marriage is licit. i won’t push it any further than this but canon lawyers know i could. i will save them the headache of the truth. that one will be hashed out in another generation or two.

  • catholic parishioner who led the gays

    my observation of lot is that he was NOT A JUST MAN. he only got saved thanks to abraham pleading his case to save his neck, who god didn’t want to disappoint.
    when i die and go to heaven, i doubt the 12 brothers will be sitting on the 12 thrones of judgement.

  • Doc Anthony

    Let’s be honest. If the gay activist group “Faithful America” is opposed to Bishop Paprocki, then that means Paprocki is doing something right. Maybe his exorcism struck a nerve on them, yes?

  • Let’s exorcise these kinds of a Bishops from OUR Church.

  • Joe Veneroso

    We can only be sure the exorcism worked if the bishops of Illinois collectively jump into Lake Michigan.

  • Frank

    Keep standing up for Gods truth bishops!

  • Don

    Being an ultra adherent of legalism and absolute ritual purity in the Gospels is the traditional defining characteristics of the Pharisees. I would propose that Bishop Paprocki and other of our culture warrior bishops by their actions excellently fit this definition (if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck,…..).

  • Larry

    Now if they can only pray away the pedophiles in their organization they keep spending so much money to defend. Or better yet, just stop covering up for them.

  • Jim

    How close is the Catholic cathedral Springfield to the Westboro Baptist Church? CLOSER THAN YOU THINK!!!!!!

  • Joe Mader

    Could we pray for an exorcism of Catholic bishops who protect and allow pedophile priest to continue to rape our Children.

  • AZatheist

    While looking at a photo of Sophia Vergara, I got a warm, tingling feeling. For a moment, I thought Paprocki’s exorcism had worked: then I realized I was just admiring her shoes.

  • Jeff Jankowiak

    Actions like this only damage the credibility of the Christian faith. This man should be ashamed of himself.

  • Frank

    People who call themselves Christians supporting sinful behavior is what is damages credibility.

  • wayne

    Headline on June 2, 2014; “Jesus Christ must have slept through an exorcism carried out by a Catholic Dunce, since Illinois same sex marriages have started”…….

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  • The actions of this bishop are in harsh contrast to the message of Pope Francis in his encyclical Evangelii Gaudium. May the same Spirit leading Pope Francis lead us all.

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