Are state-funded religious schools dividing Britain?

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Fair Admissions Campaign map

Screenshot from the Fair Admission Campaign's website

The Fair Admissions Campaign's map of English secondary schools by religious and socio-economic selection.

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An estimated 1.2 million students in England are placed in state-funded faith schools based on the religious affiliations of their parents. So much for so-called secularism.

  • Aries

    It is obvious to everyone that this is discrimination which also often includes teaching staff and recruitment. I wrote to Mr Gove asking ihm how people are supposed to intergrate if people in the same country cant because schools keep everyone seperate? Suppot the British rthumanist Association. Member of Lancs Secular hHumanists.

  • Atheist parent

    The lengths that parents will go to to get their kids into religious school borders on the ridiculous – I’ve been to christenings when all the children being baptised are aged four or above. And it effectively allows religious leaders to act like bouncers in dog collars. A priest told a friend of mine that her second child might not be accepted into the school that her sister attended because, even though the parents attended church every week, the child had been christened at a different church (of the same faith). Personally, I think more fool you if you want to go along with such nonsense but I don’t want to pay for it. I can’t think of any other tax-payer funded organisations that are allowed to discriminate on the basis of religion.

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  • j k brockbank

    The Queen is not head of the Anglican Church but supreme governor of the Church of England and in Scotland is presbyterian. Good is it not! Not easy but try to be accurate!

  • Brian Pellot

    Thanks JK. I know that the Queen is Supreme Governor. My language in this piece is quite informal as I’m sure you noticed, which is why I wrote “technically head” rather than giving her precise title, which I have done in other pieces.

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