Quote of the Day: FoxNews.com News Editor Adam Shaw

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“Like [President] Obama, [Pope] Francis is unable to see the problems that are really endangering his people. Like Obama he mistakes the faithful for the enemy, the enemy for his friend, condescension for respect, socialism for justice and capitalism for tyranny.” — Adam Shaw, a news editor for FoxNews.com, criticizing Pope Francis.

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  • Earold Gunter

    Fair & balanced…..yeah, right….far right.

  • Interesting for one Christian to whine and cry because another is a “socialist” and “anti-capitalism.” Jesus himself … you know, the guy who founded their religion … was anti-capitalist himself, and condemned the amassing of weath for its own sake. See e.g. Mt 6:19-21 & 19:21-25; Mk 10:21-26 & 12:41-44; Lk 6:20-24, 12:33-34, 16:13, & 18:22-26.

    As for socialism, the jury’s out on that, however, the earliest Christians lived communally; see Acts 2:44-45 & 4:32-25.

    I have no doubt that profit-loving, greedy Christians can likewise comb their Bibles for verses supporting their lust for money. It’s not hard to do; after all, as Shakespeare famously observed, the Devil himself can quote scripture to suit his wishes.

    But let’s be honest: Who can read the Sermon on the Mount, for example, and rationally conclude from it that Jesus wanted his followers to amass huge fortunes? I just don’t see it. That the Pope agrees with that assessment, is something Shaw and the rest of the greed-driven Religious Right needs to get over. They are not entitled to presume that every Christian on the planet is required to accept their ideology. For them to believe so, and then complain when this wish is thwarted by an insolent Pope (for example) is juvenile.

  • pgozaloff

    Fox News does not allow comments so I address my comments here to Mr Shaw.

    Mr Shaw,
    I am a practicing Catholic and have never written to the author of any article. I am sure your email box is filling up by scores of Catholic believers that find the Popes Message a blessing. However I have never read an article that so wrongly and with apparent malice mis-characterized anyone or anything like yours. As a Catholic and someone who considers himself a political conservative I truly believed that John Paul II was a divine messenger from God. I find the Pope Francis words as hope towards bringing people back to the Church and towards the Christian unification that JP2 wrote about and prayed so hard for.

    The bias statements in your article is to numerous to list. I will address one however; you misquoted the Vicar of Christ in your article through omission. His words about the dying old women being more newsworthy then a drop in the Stock Market was actually about a old women dying without food or care being more important then a drop few points in the stock market. This is statement that is 100 per cent in congruence with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, not a suggestion that the newspapers should list nothing but obituaries. I am not a fan of the president, however your comparison of him to the Pope just caused a light to go off in my head on how just being against everything a man stands for because that man stands for it discredits all of the valid criticisms against this man because of the obvious bias against him.

    Politics aside, unfortunately your article shows a extream right wing and pretentious bias against the mission of this Holy Man who trying to bring believers back to our Church after the period of the very public and atrocious sins against children. As a Catholic you know that the definition of the word Church is “The Body of Christ”. So I ask you to look at the Bishop of Romes words in the light of , “Love your brother as yourself”, “Hate the sin and love the sinner”, “Forgive those who sin against you seven times seventy times”, and just as importantly to understand how many people who may or may not consider themselves sinners are just tired of JUDGEMENTS coming from anyone else other then God. Towards this end His Holiness rightful upholds the Church’s teachings while teaching us it is just as important to be forgiving and compassionate towards those we might believe may have sinned. This is what a true priest does as taught by our Savior.

    Mr. Shaw politically I think our views are very close. Ironically I am sure I found your article as the leader of the Church as you were political red meat for the right. You claim the NY Times covers him because of what you suggest is his leftists views, I suggest your article was linked on the Drudge Report because of your Anti-Obama world view. I am glad you identified yourself as a Catholic because unlike Rush Limbaugh who has admitted being merely interested in our Church you frankly should know better. As a fellow Catholic I pray that you will continue to pray for truth of the Gospel especially when you are speaking about the leader of our faith and consider what he is saying especially when it comes to “the idolatry of money”.

    I am however very excited that this Holy Man will bring to our Church the “Hope and Change” . Please continue to pray and read all of what the Pontiff writes so we Catholics finally start getting our hands dirty by finally bringing Sundays Church Gospel message into the streets and to the poor. Wouldn’t Christlike acts towards the poor be more blessed then entrenched political and dogmatic writings in the media and Internet.

    There but through the Grace of God goes I,

  • Julian Veidt

    Do some research on Adam Shaw. This Fox “news editor” is no more than a washed up European actor (check out his role in the absurd 1980s film known as “Sticky Fingers”) and the former television host of a handful of cancelled food programs that once aired on BBC. Leave it to Fox news to assign a title like “news editor” to someone completely lacking political or even journalistic qualifications.

  • Duane Lamers

    PsiCop, your citations do not prove that Jesus was anti-capitalist; you’re reading what you want into His terse statements.

    No, the jury is not out on socialism. You need only look at the many nations around the world that have tried this silly scheme, the USSR being the prime example, to see that socialism does not work.

    You cannot demonstrate that Jesus was against amassing wealth, although he had much to say regarding the use of wealth.

    By the way, where would we be if people didn’t acquire wealth and then invest it to create employment opportunities? No country has demonstrated any advances for its society as a whole by confiscating the wealth of its people.

  • Duane Lamers

    Mr. Gunter, none of us deny FNC’s conservative tilt. However, I dare you to show us one other news outlet that provides as much “opposing” coverage by conservatives as FNC does by lilberals.

    I’ll also suggest that many of us conservatives watch FNC and listen to talk radio for their presentations of important facts about specific news items that the liberal media simply ignore. A case in point: not many weeks ago there were demonstrations by conservatives and by liberals while the Supreme Court was adjudicating the DOMA issue (I believe that was the one). A crowd numbering around 100,000 in DC favoring DOMA was ignored by the three broadcast networks entirely. These networks, though, covered the demonstrations by liberals who numbered barely in the 5 figures.

    These networks virtually ignored the huge rally organized by Glenn Beck a couple years ago–you know, the rally where people picked up their own trash and left no work for the Capitol Parks maintenance crews. The media did cover a small liberal group of protestors–and did not show the mess that that smaller group had left in its wake.

    FNC itself kept track of all this coverage and told us to the minute about coverage on the broadcast media. They do this frequently, and this is a prime reason why many of us conservatives watch FNC. It’s a chance to learn about corrupt “journalism” in the liberal media. “People are watching and taking notes,” as they say.

    Sir, what’s that you say about “fair and balanced”?

  • Duane Lamers

    Mr. Veidt, FNC does not have a monopoly on the best of journalists. What have you to say about the major figures on the FNC screen each day? I doubt that you can find anything to complain about there.

    I’m curious as to what you might have to say about some of the “talent” that shows up regularly on the MSNBC and CNN screens. We might start with Al Sharpton!

  • Re: “PsiCop, your citations do not prove that Jesus was anti-capitalist; you’re reading what you want into His terse statements.”

    Actually, they do. It’s YOU who’s avoiding the plain language of your own Jesus.

    Re: “No, the jury is not out on socialism.”

    When I said that, I meant, the jury is out as to whether Jesus was a socialist. For the most part it’d be anachronistic to call him one, even if some of the things he said, and some of the things his apostles did, bear a bit of a resemblance to it. But please, by all means, stamp and fume and rail and screech about the USSR, if it makes you feel better. Far be it from me to get in the way of that.

    Re: “You cannot demonstrate that Jesus was against amassing wealth, although he had much to say regarding the use of wealth.”

    Actually, he was, and he stated it quite clearly. But if it’s so important to you to ignore what he said on the subject, again, go right ahead. I’d never want to get in the way of that, either.

    Re: “By the way, where would we be if people didn’t acquire wealth and then invest it to create employment opportunities?”

    The book of Acts explains precisely how the earliest Christians did it. Don’t whine at me because you find it absurd. Christianity is your religion, not mine. You picked it. It’s entirely up to you to live according to its dictates … or not. I have nothing to do with it, and complaining back at me about it, is not going to help you.

  • angle

    “profit-loving, greedy Christians” sounds to me you have a problem with a hard working business person making a profit. Tell me what business can employ people if they don’t make a profit? What poor person ever employed another? 2Th_3:10 For even when we were with you, we commanded you this: If anyone will not work, neither shall he eat.
    Solomon was the wealthiest man to live on the earth, Job had extreme wealth, Abraham’s wealth was so vast he had to separate from Lot. David was wealthy. Joseph was the second in command in Egypt. Joseph of Arimathea who buried Christ was a wealthy business man I could go on. Your interpretation of scripture in not correct. You can fool yourself into thinking God would back you up in your nonsense, but He wont. Try doing a little more bible study before quoting God’s word

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  • Veylon

    No one has trouble with those who work hard. The trouble is with those who manipulate the system, walk away with oodles of unearned wealth, and contribute nothing to society.

    There’s a world of difference between a businessman who’s built something and is successful because others appreciate and benefit from the work he’s done and one who swaps stocks or siphons off tax money.

    As for some of the examples, David was known as the “Man of Blood” – among other sins – and forbidden to build God’s temple. Solomon raised his children poorly and set Israel on the path to it’s collapse and destruction. Both of them practiced polygamy, the one true traditional marriage. Joseph fleeced the poorest and most desperate so that he could stand next to a powerful autocrat. All three of these were unelected to their positions and wielded absolute state authority, closer to the aforementioned USSR than anything capitalistic or democratic.

  • Reality

    Al Sharpton is not a news editor, nor is he listed as such. He’s a commentator. Listing him as a news editor would be misleading, so they don’t do that.

  • Reality

    However, I dare you to show us one other news outlet that provides as much “opposing” coverage by conservatives as FNC does by lilberals.

    You mean like Joe Scarborough, a Republican who has his own morning show on MSNBC? Or the Sunday news shows which regularly are numerically dominated by Republican guests?

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