Israeli government offers women aged 20 to 33 free abortions

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Israel flag in the wind isolated against the sky.

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Israel flag in the wind isolated against the sky.

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JERUSALEM (RNS) The 2014 “health basket” of medical services and medications approved by Israel’s cabinet Sunday includes free abortions for Israeli women aged 20 to 33, regardless of the circumstances.

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  • Free abortions for “Israeli women?” It’s for the Palestinians, stupid. Keep ’em poor, keep ’em powerless. When they’re pregnant, give ’em a free abortion.

  • Larry

    You did not read the article.

    Your statement was just all kinds of ignorant.

    The Palestinian M.O. for the last 3+ generations has been to have as many kids as possible so they can demographically overwhelm the Israelis. It was the whole point of the bogus “right of return” thrown into every Arab League based “peace initiative”. Plus Palestinian leaders always considered women, children and young people to be expendable when stumping for publicity.

    The PA and Hamas want legions of young, desperate and uneducated cannon fodder. People who can be used as “weapons delivery systems” who won’t challenge their authority.

  • Duane Lamers

    Sounds like Israel as a nation is adopting the whole “secular Jew” thing, which in this country has served Judaism poorly by removing all Jewish identity from its adherents.

    It is a fact that the cultures whose leaders are looking to overcome and destroy their “enemies” are greatly assisted by their own increasing numbers and by the corresponding negative birth rates among the “enemy,” the “infidel.”

    If Israelis choose not to replace themselves, let alone increase their numbers, it won’t take more than a generation for “others” to use some of their own as cannon fodder (true) as they proceed to wipe out Israel and its Jews.

    No, I don’t advocate the Biblical “Increase and multiply.” But the failure to replace yourselves while others are multiplying and are belligerent is a prescription for annihilation or another diaspora.

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  • Ann McNease

    Regardless of who they are offering them for they are offering them. So if you’re pro-choice this would be good and if you’re pro-life this means Israel doesn’t stand with you.