COMMENTARY: Winning and whining are insufferable

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warsaw ghetto

A group of Jews are taken prisoner during the Warsaw Ghetto uprising of April 1943. For use with RNS-GUNS-HOLOCAUST, transmitted on February 6, 2013. Religion News Service file photo

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(RNS) Class war isn't a resentment of success. It is a reaction against stealing, unearned privilege and arrogance.

  • Duane Lamers

    I suggest Ehrich get a job with the DNC because he’s so good at carrying the water for that group and promoting its fictions.

    The deserving poor want jobs, and I suggest that they do not envy the rich but would rather strive to become like them. The rest of “the poor” are content with someone taking care of them, and they represent the base of the Democrat Party and are driven to the polling stations after being fed so that they can properly vote for the Dems one more time–maybe multiple times in the same election.

    One can argue whether the multi-millions paid some CEO’s–and recent escapees from urban poverty into major league sports–should be paid that much. Stockholders can have a say in all this if they choose to. They don’t.

    The only war being waged is by the bigmouths in Dem party politics–and by their stooges among the liberal clergy and media.

    Would that these same stooges had as much concern for the true origins of the culture war that has been part of our society for just as long. Nope, assaulting religion and other societal values is ok. Not only ok, but actually encouraged by them, Evidence is found among those who write columns for RNS.

  • Larry

    There you go Duane, trying to pretend anything uncomfortable for your political views is somehow fiction.

    All I have to say is calling the people who made $1 trillion disappear in a puff of smoke six years ago (when their lying, gaming the system and illegal business practices reached their limitations), “job creators” is being just plain silly. =)

  • Frank

    Unearned privilege and respect?

    ” The dream is to work hard, have one’s work recognized, build careers, live better today than yesterday, send one’s children to college and beyond, and retire with adequate means.”

    So I guess you would be against unemployment insurance and government safety nets.

  • George Waite

    “Unearned privilege” includes tax breaks for religions and clergy housing allowances; not even “progressive” clergy seem to mind taking “Caesar’s” money this way. Apparently gold does smell unless put into the collection plate.

  • Ted Harvatin

    What evidence do you have that Perkins “stole” anything? That’s a pretty outrageous statement supported by no facts.

    You rail against greed. At least “greed” produces a prosperous nation. What does envy do?

    Finally, I have searched far and wide and cannot find your column denouncing Al Gore for saying that those who deny global warming are just like Holocaust deniers.

    Your outrage is selective and manufactured. But it’s OK I expect nothing less from the Intolerant Left.