• gilhcan

    When is the suspicion and hatred among religious groups ever going to end? That suspicion and all the subsequent behavior turn religion into evil when it is supposed to be a force for good. Since the leaders of religious groups are obviously unable or unwilling to initiate needed changes for good, it is up to ordinary followers. The problem is that ordinary followers are so brainwashed, so misled, and follow those leaders like blind sheep while those leaders distort their positions into a monarchy. There is little hope for a change of religion from its horribly evil past into any force for good.

    Question: What can replace religion and its supposedly holy congregations?

    Jesus would be ashamed of most of his followers today, and he would be chasing them out of his “father’s house” everywhere, all over the globe, just as he did in Jerusalem, for making those “temples” dens of all kinds of evil, not just thievery. That behavior of Jesus was used by the politicians of his day as the excuse they wanted to assassinate him and hang him up to die on a cross. That way, they could scare other challengers. Jesus got in the way of those hypocrites.

    Ordinary people need to take back their churches everywhere, whether Jews, Christians, or Muslims, or any other, just as ordinary people have taken back Ukraine from its evil politicians. Good, ordinary Christians must take back their churches from the evil that the non-Christian Emperor Constantine worked at Nicaea in 325 when he duped the bishops into believing he was allowing him to share his royal crown and power.

    Aren’t power and religion an anomaly? Secrecy is the greatest evil of any institution, whether it be a family, a church, or a civil government. Secrecy is needed by supposed leaders to hide their negative actions and their dirty tricks from their ordinary followers.

  • James Vass

    These cowardly murders must now face the wrath of the far right extreamists, also in jail for life, who have nothing to lose. They must be kept isoated and locked up 24/7 without a TV or radio to feed their radicalization.
    These creatures are not soldiers of Allah but pathetic murderers who were brought up in this country, educated and clothed. Then they bit the hand that fed them. A most dispicable pair who can now rot in Hell.