‘Frozen’ chosen sing Passover parody riffs on ‘Let us go’ refrain

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Hear the song of the “Frozen” chazens (cantors). It’s the 2014 variation of Jewish a cappella holiday songs that riff on movies and popular music.

Passover begins Monday night (April 14) and ahead of the annual seder, the ritual meal at the heart of the holiday, there’s a bunch of campy videos explaining it.

This year’s chill Internet hit is from Six13sings via YouTube.

But the trend dates back severals years with Six13 doing variations of hot hits. Here’s their P-A-S-S-O-V-E-R from 2011 — a mash-up of Usher’s “DJ Got Us Fallin’ in Love” with Ke$ha’s “We R Who We R.”

Video courtesy of Six13sings via YouTube

The whole a cappella pop-chazen (Hebrew for cantor) trend may have launched with the  Maccabeats who did “Burn” as a Hanukkah song in 2010.

The Maccabeats followed with holiday variations including their  2013 their Jews-flee-Pharaoh version of “Les Miserables” with Moses as Jean Valjean) and a stirring ending: “We will live again in freedom in the garden of the Lord.”

Video courtesy of Maccabeats via YouTube

And then there’s KOLture Shock’s “Same Thing as Before” an a capella Passover parody playing off the Jewish tradition of a second seder — the same as the first — celebrated by observant Jews. How much matzoh can you take, after all?

Video courtesy of KOLTure Shock via YouTube.