Mormons will get free — FREE! — memberships to

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My great-great grandmother, Sarah Agnes Turk (Coombs!) Riess

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My great-great grandmother, Sarah Agnes Turk (Coombs!) Riess

AncestryLogoImagine you’re a drug addict. (Well, maybe you actually are. I shouldn’t make assumptions.)

Then imagine that someone swoops down and offers to pay for your drug habit for the rest of your life.

Free drugs! Free, I say!

That is how I feel upon learning last week that members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints will now have complimentary access to, and

Apparently this was announced back in February, but I missed it because I was lost in the haze of crack cocaine that is

My great-great grandmother, Sarah Agnes Turk (Coombs!) Riess

My great-great grandmother, Sarah Agnes Turk (Coombs!) Riess

I’ve blogged before about my spiraling addiction to genealogy, including my surprising discovery of a Mormon skeleton in our decidedly non-Mormon family’s closet. Fellow addicts will understand my predicament: counting the hours until the kids go to bed when they can follow up on a Census lead, or the endorphin rush they feel when they see that little waving leaf above a name, which is how tells them that it may have more information about a particular ancestor.

Good times, good times. And now my church, which has always strongly counseled against addiction in all forms, IS PROMISING TO PROVIDE MY DRUG OF CHOICE FOR FREE. I don’t even have to leave my house.

What’s more, this is going to go down soon. The Deseret News is reporting that the project of providing Mormons with comp access is actually ahead of schedule and should be rolled out by the end of this summer, instead of the end of the calendar year as originally planned.

If I haven’t OD’d by that time, I am so there.

  • Emily Elizabeth

    That is pretty cool. I haven’t heard of those other websites though. (My Heritage and Find My Past.)

  • Irene Bortolussi

    Enjoyed meeting you a month ago here in Virginia! I’ve laughed and enjoyed TWIBLE so MUCH! It keeps me smiling!

  • Melody

    I guess I’d better not resign just yet.

  • Gunnel Troberg

    Have you ever been on There you can really get druged. 🙂
    I happend to find out that a far away relative had put my name in the tree and all my ancesters on my fathers sida. I looked for grandmothers name in the database because she had a nobel name. I had to add 5 generations I think before I could combine two dubletts into one profile meaning that I also got access to someone else tree that turned out went back and back and back… So exiting. I thought I was only swedish. It turned out I had scottish ancestry, one acester from baltic states, italian ancesters and I am connected to every famous person you can ever think of. Yes, Mitt Romney, Joseph Smith, Osmonds, Brigham Young….. but not pres Monson although he is a quarter swedish… And then I found I was related to prophet Muhammed, Djingis Kahn (godness I have mongolian blood!) King David right down. Perhaps I should do a little work for Muhammed??? 🙂 The more I look the more I realize we are all related. The wings of Adam and Eve feels really close… Did I mention Shakespeare, Newton, Dracula? Well on the cousinside I am related to all of them… and to Laura Ingalls Wildler as well. Sometimes when I search on to see who I am related to I almost laught hystericly, but it is fun to know that far far away I am acutally related to Brat Pitt…. and Barack Obama… The more I look I realize we are on big family on earth. Som if you want to have a whale of a time. Take a peek at There are many mormon projects at the site as well. I realize I am not the first mormon on that site….

  • Jenaca

    If you are interested you can read Isaiah Moses Coombs journals on as it mentions Sarah quite a bit. As I was researching my line I came across him and was wondering what ever happened to his first wife Sarah after their last parting!

  • Wow, small world! I should definitely check that out.

    I was especially interested to see in the list of his children’s names that late in his life he had a daughter he named “Sarah Agnes,” which was the name of my GG-grandmother, his first wife. I wonder if he still had fond feelings about her after many years.